16 Best Ad Networks for Bloggers and Publishers to Earn Money from Website in 2023

Looking for best ad networks for bloggers?

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With internet usage spreading across the world, there are so many job opportunities that have come up. The best part is these jobs can be done from any corner of the world.

Those who have just started blogging can also make a career to earn income from it.

Besides, the use of an ad network can be a booster to monetize your new blog. The concept of blogging has already gained quite a lot of demand, and the traffic can grow quite well if the right actions are taken.

If the traffic is more, then there is a high scope for you to monetize your blog.

Talking about ad networking, well, display ads is one of the common ways to monetize the blog these days.

It all depends on how much traffic the blog can get. It is also important to choose wisely when it comes to the best ad network for bloggers. In the end, not all the networks would be working in the same manner.

To save time and earn money in the right manner, listed are the top ad networks that can be helpful. These networks are the best platform to increase the revenue for the blog and work as a passive income source.

How do ad networks for publishers work?

For the first-time user, it is obvious to wonder how exactly does this platform work. To begin with, it is important to launch the blog and generate quality content. For any blog to monetize, quality content is important, engaging the readers for a long time. Then, moving on to the next step, look for the ad network. This is important so you can join a network that’s worth your investment and sell the space of advertising to them at your blog.

The network would then have a pool of partners who would want to advertise. Every partner would want to show the ads to a certain niche audience, like the readers for whom you have been writing a certain niche of the blog. Suppose your blog is around gardening, then your advertising partner will promote gardening products to show similar ads to the audience interested.

Once you choose from the ad network listed below and sign up with them, the rest will be taken care of. The network’s focus would be to manage the ads so that the readers can see the ads. This way, the ad network would take a major burden from you. All you need to do is select the network, matching it with the high bidding advertiser. It is in your hand to control the number of ad units on every page of the article.

How can you make money from display ads?

Once you are all set with a particular ad network, it is time to earn revenue by making its right use. As someone visits your blog, they see the ad; you will earn the revenue if they click on it. There are two ways through which the ad network would ensure the blogger gets paid:

  • Pay per click advertisements (PPC):In this, the blogger shall be paid once the reader clicks on the ad
  • Pay per view (PPV) or impression ads:In this, the blogger will generate passive income depending on the number of people who shall see the ad on the page given, even without clicking. Pay per view often helps earn a fixed revenue for a certain audience count; this alone can go to thousands or more.

Best ad networks for publishers and bloggers in 2023

Here are some of the best ad networks available out there for bloggers and publishers. Have a look.

1. Ezoic


This is one of the best ad networks for publishers to consider among other known networks. If the traffic is not from the U.S, Ezoic can be the best option to boost the ad income. It has a user-friendly dashboard to work on, and there is also a 24 hours helpline to assist you with your questions.

Their advertiser network is quite diversified in different locations. If you plan to grow the traffic for the long term, then ezoic is the best networking option for you to team up with.

2. Mediavine


This is another popular yet well-integrated ad network solution that is trending. It is more suitable for different lifestyle bloggers such as home, food, travel, parenting, etc., to name some. Just the way Adthrive has been working, even Mediavine can help in creating the approach of a ‘creator first.

Besides, the team behind it is a known publisher with some known properties like Food Fanatic and the Hollywood Gossip. Compared with other ad networks, Mediavine is quite easy to use as it comes with a user-friendly interface.

3. Media.net


Media.net is another largest contextual network of advertising available to date. It includes the option to dynamically allow media.net to figure out the optimal size of the site. There is also a programmatic platform available on this network that can be used for the better performance of your blog. The minimum pay-out amount option at Media.net is $100.

4. AdThrive


Yet another popular alternative – Adthrive worth considering given its amazing set of features. With this platform, it is possible to serve display ads as well as text ads too. But this one mostly looks out for US traffic, so if you want to have a versatile audience from across the globe, you might not want to consider this one.

5. Amazon Associates


This is a known Amazon affiliate marketing program that is used by a lot of bloggers. One of the finest ways of using Amazon associates is to make sure the product is placed manually in the content. Amazon is known for its feature of contextual ads, which is also known as native shopping ads. With this, you can have more of a hands-off approach.

Using the concept of Native shopping ads, it is possible to display the contextual products automatically from Amazon on the site. If the visitor clicks on any such products, then chances to earn a considerable commission are more, especially after their purchase.

6. Taboola


With Taboola, monetizing the site with the content suggestion that comes after a thorough look at your site’s content is much more convenient. There are some amazingly catchy lines it comes up with, such as ‘You may not believe on how a teacher can save money or top 10 foods which can help you live a long life’ to name some. This best ad network for small publishers is highly advised for the ads that show content but still, you need at least 500,000 visitors every month to do this on your site.

7. Outbrain


Outbrain ad network works on similar lines to that of the Taboola ad network. It also comes with similar strategies as that of Taboola. It can help add sponsored links or even stories from the web that some known publishers and news organizations have frequently used.

This ad network is believed to be one of the best partners working with quality publishers, but if the size of your site traffic is not much high, then it might be the best ad network to go with.

8. Revcontent


Revcontent ad network is advised for a content recommendation network just the way Outbrain and Taboola are. It focuses on working with sites that have quality content and not those that are bigger. They have even rejected numerous sites because of a lack of quality.

So, if your site is small but has some amazing content, this option can work well for you. This means it is good for those with less traffic target or around 50000 visits every month.

9. Adversal


This popular ad networking is meant for bloggers but can even monetize the site using content recommendations like Taboola and Outbrain. Other than the native ads, Adversal also offers some interesting display ads and videos too. Overall, it focuses on the concept of a one-time setting strategy for monetizing the website’s content.

10. Monumetric


Of all, this has been the most popular ad network that anyone can come across. The best part is that you can switch from AdSense to Monumetric without much hassle and see the difference. You get personal support once you signup, and thus the team would make sure all the doubts get clear before you get going.

You will have a call scheduled to answer the questions and develop the ad revenue strategy for the blog. However, to sign up with it, at least 10,000 page views in one month are needed. But if you have a brand-new blog, then Monumetric may not be the ideal choice.

11. Infolinks


Infolinks is the top ad network for bloggers for all types of blogs, small or big. If you have recently started with the blogging concept, then you must give yourself a try. It offers different types of ads that you can use on the blog. It is extremely easy to use, and there is also a quick signup process that you can choose.

You simply must enter the website URL or the blog, enter the email details, and develop a unique password. Post-approval of the application, you can easily log in to the dashboard and customize the advert along with the location.

12. PropellerAds


This advertising network is best for intermediate and even beginner traffic owners. For this, you don’t require any technical skill for placing the ad on the site. Once the sign-up process is done and the site is verified, you can get the ad tag in just a few clicks. It is then possible to place it on-site and follow the instructions.

It is even possible to get around $8 – $10 for every 1000 views. If you don’t wish to spend too much time in data analysis to find the right format, then PropellerAds Multi tag can be the best choice.

13. Google AdSense

It, of course, is the most popular best ad network for new bloggers that don’t require much of an introduction. It is a very well-known display program of advertising on the internet that you can find. You simply have to add AdSense to the site, and Google shall further serve you with contextual ads.

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With Google AdSense, you can let the ad network experiment for optimal ad placement location for the site, which means you don’t even have to make many efforts yourself.

14. Revenue Hits


Compared to other ad networking options that you can find on the list, this one is quite different. You will not be paid for any clicks or impressions but only on the clicks that get converted into action. This means if the advertising requires the user’s information, then using Revenue Hits is the best thing for advertising.

Once the publisher places the ad code on the blog and the visitor clicks on the ad, it will give out the name and other details to the advertiser, and the publisher will get the commission for the same.

15. BuySellAds

With this best advertising network for bloggers, you can list down the ad inventory in the marketplace of BuySellAds. It is one of the best places for advertisers to buy the ad space directly on the site.

There is also a choice for specifying the ads in the section of ‘fallback’ where it is possible to display if there has been an inventory spot that is not yet filled up. This would ensure you will not miss out on the revenue at all. You can even add those affiliate products that perform quite high in such a spot till the whole ad gets sold out.

16. Sovrn //Commerce (Formerly VigLink)


The name Sovrn is a rebrand for the service, which was earlier known as VigLink. It is more like Infolinks when it comes to the features it has. In this ad networking, the contextual advertising links will be automatically inserted into the existing feature. This means that if you even start using the ad network today, you can autofill the affiliate link to all your previously existing content. Also, the minimum pay-out here is $10, which is very convenient for new bloggers.

Which is the best ad network for your blog?

Of all the options mentioned in the list, if you are at a stage where you have just started blogging and want to earn money out of it, then it is better to focus on what your requirement is and try to achieve it differently.

The primary aim should be to improve the CPM without getting any negative strategies that can affect the user experience on the site. For the overall operations, AdSense and Media.net is the best choice while Monumetric can be worth too.

Conclusion on best ad network for bloggers

With so many options available amongst the best ad networks for bloggers, your focus should be on having a potential income network through these supporting platforms. After all, you are putting quite a lot of effort into making quality content and growing the traffic. So, take time, understand all the features properly, know if it fits your requirements, and only then opt for the best suitable option.

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