8 Best Anime Affiliate Programs for Monetising Your Anime Blog in 2023

Anime is making waves in entertainment industry and has become the popular niche to blog about or makes money through affiliate marketing. The anime hasn’t been the entertainment for a while and with few popular shows the anime has attracted huge audience. So as this is the new big wave, and most likely the hot cake niche, you can decide on giving it a shot.

So, if you are planning on the same, and getting started with anime blogs or videos, you need to find best affiliate program for anime. Well, you don’t have to wonder how to make money with anime affiliate programs, as it is similar to anime affiliate marketing and helps you earn through commission per sale. It basically is about running your own online business and being your own boss.

Below is a list of best anime affiliate programs that describes their production related to anime and what commission they provide for your efforts and to get started with them.

List of Best Anime Affiliate Programs: How to Make Money Online with Anime Affiliate

1. 99 Japan

This Japanese online shopping destination carries everything from games, toys, anime, apparel, manga, food, cosplay, home goods and many more. This store ships across the world from Tokyo and accepts cryptocurrencies and USD for ease of payments. This store partners with Refersion to manage affiliate program.

Reasons to give it a shot

This one-stop shopping store provides their affiliates with referral links, banner ads, and tracking tools. They also help their affiliates increase the conversion rates with frequent coupons and discount codes. They offer 8% commission along side of 30 days cookies and lots of marketing materials and coupons that help in promoting products.

How to get to it99Japan Affiliate Program

2. Things from Another world

Tagged as the third largest comic book retailer, Things from Another World provides a huge collection of great comic books and graphic novels. It also carries a great collection of anime and manga books. With a goal to provide their customer with an incredible collection of comics, the brand manages the an affiliate program using ShareASale.

Reasons to give it a shot

They offer affiliates a $5 cash activation bonus after the first sale and include the monthly performance incentives as well. They have an extremely high commission rate upto 14%, and 1% for coupon sites. Also they have a long cookie life, that is 90 days that allows them with 90 days unlimited transactions for portential recurring commissions. They also provide an amazing set of tools and marketing materials including the updated promos and combos for an interested candidate to get started. This is considered as an ideal option to get started with affiliate marketing for anime.

How to get to itThings From Another World Affiliate Program

3. CD Japan

Another 90s brand, which is a premier source for the latest Japanese pop culture items. It consists of Japanese movies, music, books, anime, manga, figurines and more. They work closely with top suppliers and work towards the goal of providing the customers with the safe and convenient shopping experience. The brand has got its own affiliate management software to run the program.

Reasons to give it a shot

The CD Japan affiliates get the access to banner links, updating links, create links by page link, artist  and also to the special commission rates on selected products. Affiliates are provided with 5-7% regular commission and also can earn commissions in-store credit or cash. Also, it has the 30 days cookie period.

How to get to itCDJapan Affiliate Program

4. Xcoser

With a stronger game in making five-star quality cosplay pieces, Xcoser makes high quality of products that includes props, costumes, wigs, hats, accessories and many more. This brand caters all types of cosplayers, anime and manga fans. They also provide you with the customized service and their sales averages around $100. They use ShareASale to run their affiliate program.

Reasons to give it a shot

It gives their affiliates an increased commission up to 15% rewards for the hardwork  when the sales reach over $2000 and also extra $5 bonus on their  first sale and over $150 for big sales. They provide their affiliates with creative, exclusive deals, tracking tools and coupons to begin earning commissions. It also provides 90 days cookies period and 10% regular commission on sales.

How to get to itXcoser Affiliate Program

5. Entertainment Earth

If you are planning to expand your anime figures and toys collections then Entertainment Earth will help you do it. It is the top retailer of collectibles, action figures, and toys. They provide their customers with thousands of products for latest television shows and movies, and over 3,000 anime figures and toys. They associated with CJ to manage their affiliate prgram.

Reasons to give it a shot

Entertainment Earth gives affiliates access to the marketing materials like text links,banner ads, tracking tools. Affiliates also get to earn bounuses and extra commissions to reward their dedication and hardwork. Affiliates can also earn increased commison upto 10% on their regular commision of 7-10% for total slaes amount which is equal or more than $500 to $4000. Opting for store credit also allows earning higher commissions. It has the cookie period of 60 days.

How to get to it – Entertainment Earth Affiliate Program

6. FYE

It is a top retailer and most recognized brand  in entertainment merchandise and pop culture. It offers a huge collection of DVDs, collectibles, actions figures and anime toys. The prodcution keeps changing with the latest releases in the entertainment industry. It also offers exclusive items like Funko products, t-shirts, vinyl releases and more.

The brand receives  60% of traffic from users 18-34 age group. It uses Commission Junction to manage the affiliate program.

Reasons to give it a shot

The program provides affiliates with creative tools to start earning commissions. It gives 5% commission per sale and has 45 days cookie period. It also provides customer service that offer suggetsions to earn more through the affiliate program.

How to get to itFYE Affiliate Program

7. Halloween Costumes

It is one of the largest and popular online Halloween costume retailer. It has 20% unique inventory and products for every occasion including a great collection of anime costumes, cosplays, and accessories. It has $70 average sale value and uses ShareASale, LinkConnector, AvantLink, or Commission Junction for the affiliate program.

Reasons to give it a shot

The program provides the affiliates with updates creatives, tracking tool, 10% commission on per sale and 30 days cookie period. It is one of the trusted source for halloween costumes and accessories.

How to get to itHalloweenCostumes.com Affiliate Program

8. Right Stuf Anime Affiliate Program

The Right Stuf Anime is the largest and popular Anime retailer in North America with over 22000 items. They also publish videos that packages and distributes the pre-recorded programming into English. They recorded an avergae sales range between $50 – $250. Their inventory includes anime books, artworks, plushies, DVDs, Cds, apparel and many more. They use ShareASale to manage their affiliate program.

Reasons to give it a shot

They give 2% commission per sale with 30 days cookies perios and provide banner ads, text links, deals and coupons. The program also sends their affilaites the emails regarding lastest sales and promotions. They make one of the best Anime affiliate program by selling anime-related products and are determine dto provide the audience with the great selection of Amine related items they’re looking for.

How to get to itRight Stuf Anime Affiliate Program

Conclusion on Best Anime Affiliate Programs

So, thes best anime affiliate programs can be a good start for you attract the anime audience.

Now its time for you to find out the target niche from the above list of 10 best anime affiliate programs., you can go for cosplays, manga and action figures and also you can consider various facets like commision ate, cookie period, and their range of products to choose the best program for you. The above affiliate programs are just beginning to what more you can earn besides commission and achieve your financial goals.

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