Best Blogging Tips For Beginners in 2023 for Success

So you started a blog ?

You bought a domain name and web hosting for your blog

You also wrote articles which increase traffic to your blog

All Sounds good 🙂


But hold on in this post I will share with you some of blogging tips and tricks for beginners.

As a beginner we make lot of mistakes which can hamper us in our blogging career.

I am here to help you do proper blogging.I will share with you some of the best tips which will help you grow in blogging

So let’s start with the tips for beginners

Best Blogging Tips For Beginners in 2023 for Amazing Success

1. Write What You Love

Yes you heard it right.Always write what you love.If you love to write about gadgets do write on gadgets only.Dont crowd your blog with topics which you don’t know.Its really bad to see a food blogger writing on smartphones.

It shows that you are not concentrating on your blog properly.It really gives a bad impression on your readers.

So avoid writing the content in which you are not comfortable.This is my first tip in the list of tips on blogging for beginners

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2. Be Different


Try recognizing what you can change for your blog.Can you change the writing style? The way you solve the problems of your readers.

Be funny humorous.Nobody wants to read a boring blog.What will happen is people will get bored easily and leave your blog very soon hence increasing bounce rate which will affect your blog a lot.Another important tip in the list of best writing tips for beginners.

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3. Write Naturally

I always believe that we should write posts naturally.Never write it for search engines,write it for human beings your fellow blog readers.

If you write for people will get connected to you and you can build a relationship with them very nicely.

So always write naturally.A very important tip in this list of top tips for beginner bloggers.

4. Good Content is Important


Yes writing good content is extremely important.Dont write any crappy or useless content on your blog.

Firstly crappy content will not rank on search engines which in turn will not bring traffic.

If you don’t get traffic you will get lost in millions of blogs made everyday.

Hence good and quality content is extremely important.

5. Format Your Post

Always format your post which includes Heading tags,bullets and so on.

You will have a good benefit like the content will look organized and no spammy.

Search engines and humans love organized content which in turn will  help you get lot of benefit.

Use underlines,italics text,bold some of your keywords in your blog post.In this way you can format your blog post not only search engines but also for your blog readers.

6. Keyword Research


Well keyword research is a very vast topic.I will not cover here I will be making a separate post on how to do keyword research for your blog.

Till then just understand that keywords are your gold mine.If you choose a perfect keyword which is profitable it can bring you lot of money.

Always do good keyword research by following the proper ways pro bloggers do.

I know you will say for keyword research there are paid tools like Semrush and Longtail pro.I want to say that these tools are worth every penny.

As you want to do serious blogging you should be ready to spend few bucks to be way ahead of crowd.

7. Befriend Other Bloggers


Make other bloggers as your friends,comment on their posts,guest posts and so on.What will happen is you will get a readership to your blog and a targeted traffic.

8. No Copying Other Bloggers


Please do not copy other bloggers.Did  u let your homework done with hardwork to be copied by a friend? I guess No! Same is the case with the blog.Just don’t copy others it wont be fruitful and trust will not be gained.

9. Speak Truth


Yes always speak the truth.Whatever it may be.If you don’t like a service or product say it.Dont be a diplomat be yourself.

If you are recommending a product or service to someone but you yourself are unsure or never used the product.How the hell you can recommend others to use.

Never fake yourself my friend.Always be truthful and say valid points in your blog posts instead of blabbering crap.

10. Pick a Good Theme for Your Blog


A theme is a heart of any blog.Pick a good and easily understandable,navigable theme for your blog readers and search engines.

Nobody wants to read and follow a complicated blog filled huge loads of ads and crappy widgets.Keep them at minimum.

The main purpose of blogging is to help others,solve the problems they are facing and not to let them hit back button and move on to the next blog.

11. Don’t Measure Your Statistics So Early


As a beginner please don’t measure your traffic so fast.You will feel why I am not getting traffic and so on.

You might get motivated by looking at the earnings of pro high earning bloggers.You must remember that you are beginner not a well established pro blogger of blogospehere.

12. Make Your Content Easy to Share

Yep that’s right.Use social plugins of WordPress to make your content shareable.If your readers will like your post they will share it with their friends and colleagues.

It’s a win-win situation.They will get a huge amount of knowledge and you will be getting referral traffic which is highly important factor in your blog growth.

13. Write for Your Audience

Always write for your audience not for search engines.I see many newbies wasting hell lot of time focusing on SEO.

Yes I am not saying SEO is not important.SEO is an integral part of blogging but more important than it is Reader satisfaction.

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He has gone on our blog with an hope that his problem will get solved.Our part as blogger is to help him out solve his problem.

If you are in news niche make sure you keep your readers engaged by providing variety of news.

If you are in entertainment and health fitness niche provide your readers with some extra tips which will force them to come to your blog in future.

14. Don’t Give Up


Yep! Honestly many fail to do so.As a newbie you should understand blogging is not fun nor it is very easy.It takes huge amount of hardwork and dedication.

Just by writing some few posts which are of no good  quality and expecting money to roll in is  a bad thinking.

Your first priority is to make your blog helpful for others.Think for others rather than thinking of yourself.

15. Write Frequently


I have seen many successful bloggers like Harsh Agarwal of Shoutmeloud .He writes posts very frequently.Every day you can see new posts on his blog.

Why he does so?

He wants to keep his subscribers engaged by providing lot of valuable content.

You will not only keep your blog readers engaged but will also feed hungry spiders of search engines which are constantly in search of new content.

So a very generic and important tip is write frequently.If you are busy in some other work try to take out time from it and do blogging.

16. Expect Criticism


Yes you will have to face a lot of it.I myself face it everytime.People will comment on your blog writing style,about your blog theme and so on.

Never get hurted or disappointed with it.I suggest you try to improvise according to it.

Make a list of things which you can improve and work on.

We need to understand no one in the world is perfect except GOD..!!

We make mistakes a lot but how we rectify and bounce back is important.

So always be ready to face criticism and never get hurted.

17. Be Generous

Always be generous to others.I am not just telling about blogging.You will have to be the same in your personal life too.

Look my friend as human beings its our core responsibility to help each other in good and bad times.

If your blogging you should help other bloggers or your fellow readers generously without showing attitude or ego.

Its really very bad and can hamper your success in blogging and personal life. It is must read blogging tips for beginners.

So a good tip is be generous in your life.

18. Watch What Your Competitors Do


Always watch your competition does and try to check are you doing things of the same level?

Are you lagging behind them?

What things they are good at ?

What things I don’t possess but they do?

Try to understand their blogging strategy. You may come to know a completely various things and it will change the way u blog.Another important tip in the list of blogging tips for beginners bloggers.

19. Build Your Email List


Do you have a personal email for yourself?

Do you use it to check it your emails daily?

I think the answer is YES

Then don’t you think your blog readers will also be doing the same thing

Make sense?

Yup I am telling you to make an email list.Collect the emailids of your blog readers who will turn into subscribers of your blog after signup of your email list.

If you are ignoring email list as a part of your blogging campaign.

Let me telling you 1 thing you are losing huge amount of traffic and readership for your blog.

If you don’t have an email list go to your blog right now and start using email marketing softwares.

On this blog I use SumoMe which is completely free and incredible to use without any hassle.

Email marketing is another integral part of your blogging success which can never be forgotten to use.Yet another important tip in the list of blogging tips for beginners website.

20. Write Amazing Call to Action (CTA)


Always write an appealing call to action (CTA) at the end of your blog post.

Suppose you are reviewing any product or service as an affiliate.It is good practise to ask your readers to buy that product or service.

You will have to instruct your blog readers that Ok now I have read this product review now the reviewer is asking me to go to this link.

It will give a complete idea of what to be done next.It will not make him feel lost after reading your blog post or product review.

21. Conduct Giveaways


Giveaways are sweet.Everybody loves giveaways.Be it free or some product/service at discounted price.

You can make more money out of it if you attach an affiliate link to product/service you are giving to your blog readers.

They will buy the products and Bingo!  You will get paid.

22. Write Catchy Headlines


Let’s take an example of a blog post headline

How to start a blog and make money

How to start a blog and make $10,000/mo with Ninja style

Which blog post headline will you click?

I think your answer will be second.Good you are going right!

Always make catchy headlines for your blog readers.Create a curiosity for readers such that they will click your link to find out what’s written in there.

Never keep your blog post headlines boring

You must remember blog headline is the very first part which readers notice.If you make it catchy and appealing you will get good traffic as your CTR(Click Through Rate) will increase.

Google will see you as an authentic and authorative source of knowledge eventually boosting your rankings in SERP’s(Search Engines Result Pages).

23. Cite Your References


It is a good habit to cite your references.By citing your references you are giving the due respect to the author or blogger from where you have taken that piece of content.

Darren Rowse of always recommend Quality over quantity.You just saw how I hyperlinked this problogger name with his blog address.

You will have to cite your references or resources in your blog which helped you making a blog post.

24. Keep Your Post Not to Short Or Not So Long

Ok here is the take!

If you are writing a detailed review/case study or tutorial of something which needs to be explained step by step your post must be atleast 700 words.

If your blog post is something very generic or an opinion you can keep it short.

From short I mean not 300 words by counting exactly I mean to keep a good length enough that it will the convey the message to the readers also the quality of the blog will not get hampered.

25. Keep Learning


I believe in one thing..

What is it you will ask?


You should always keep in mind LEARN before you EARN

This message has got a very deep meaning which means you should learn things how to do before you earn from those things.

Pretty simple aint it?


Many people struggle a lot in doing it.

So always keep learning new things in your niche which will definitely help your blog grow successfully.

Conclusion on Best Blogging Tips for Beginners

So friends I tried including maximum tips in this post.If I have missed some points let me know via comments.

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