Best Cloudways Alternatives 2023 for Hosting Websites

Looking for Best Cloudways Alternatives in 2023?

Cloudways is a fully optimized hosting platform suitable for all applications. Users may get unlimited benefits such as faster page load, managed backups, and cloning for a dashboard. The process works in a more simplified way along with good channels.

But at the same time, cloudways alternatives do the same process. Are you looking for the best cloudways alternatives? Well, we have picked the top 10 alternatives for your reference. Its attractive features are a boon to many developers.

Hosting company servers are connected to multiple geographic locations. They are all having quick stability and scale up the resources to overcome the bugs.

Drawbacks of Cloudways Hosting

Some drawbacks of cloudways hosting are clearly explained.

User has to know both the positive and negative side of this hosting. Here are some drawbacks you have to know before going to its alternatives.

  • Cpanel is very hard to configure in the shared hosting account
  • User must be technically strong to get started
  • Price is another disadvantage of cloudways hosting
  • It is a little pricy when comparing others
  • The storage facility is not up to the mark. You must have more RAM and CPU
  • Cloudways hosting does not give free domain registration
  • No direct email account in any of hosting plans

Did you guess why I am saying its drawbacks? The above drawbacks might be the reason to find Cloudways alternatives.

Looking for the good replacements for Cloudways is easy. We have discussed the best alternatives to cloudways below for your requirements.

Best Cloudways Alternatives in 2023 to Host Your Online Website or Blogs

1. Kinsta

No doubt! Kinsta is the best Cloudways alternative. It is a WordPress hosting service to care for your site needs. It will access the convenient location and handle everything. Ideal tools are used to manage your site quickly. Kinsta offers good infrastructure to the users.

They want to access them in automated features. By seeing exclusive features, it is managed by a fast cloud server. This server is powered by Google cloud servers at different locations. Better security and stable performance are what users expect from this best alternative.

Regular backups are provided by this alternative. Automatic scaling is powered by fast Google Cloud support. It can overcome any type of attacks like DDoS or hacking.

With a single dashboard, users manage domain hosted faster. The price range starts from $30/month. The support team will be ready to solve your problems 24 hours.


  • Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider powered by Google Cloud
  • Offer 24 Google data centers to choose from
  • 30 Day Money back guarantee
  • SSD storage on Google Cloud
  • Free CDN to speed up delivery of assets
  • Free premium migrations for all plans
  • Automatic Daily backups as well as manual backups
  • 24/7 support via chat
  • Free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt integration
  • White-labeled Cache Plugin

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3. Vultr

Vultr is one of the best cloudways alternatives.

You must try this cloud-based service and see your site performance. Vultr is a powerful cloud-based service that has 100% KVM virtualization. It gives a variety of cloud hosting solutions to users. It is the most preferable choice for choosing.

The latest generation Intel core processor enables them to deliver quick operations. The server includes solid-state drives with no operational cost. With over large cloud infrastructure, it computes nearly 16 locations around the world. It easily locates nearby customers using cloud-based operations.

Vultr is integrated with live chat support and additional functionalities. It offers easy ways to access the control panel. There is no compromise on quality. By seeing its extreme features, we say it as the best choice for Cloudways alternative.


  • Intel Cores processors
  • Root administrator access
  • Infinite OS combinations
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Distributed Design
  • Access powerful API
  • Easy Root administration access

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4. DreamHost

Well, DreamHost is one of the best cloudways alternatives.

It would be the replacement where everyone is searching. With limited costs, configuration and performances are good. It adds value points to your site by hosting professionally. DreamHost is a leading hosting provider hosts nearly 1.5 million websites.

It is a vibrant platform that offers exclusive features with its performance. The green hosting facility will do better things for any kind of hosting.

For hosting big sites, it is an excellent choice to choose from. A 100% guarantee is what everyone wishes to get this alternative. It does not take much time to configure and get hassle-free access.

Unlimited bandwidth and storage take an important role by picking this as the best choice. It does not allow the data center to configure more. Users will find unmatched cloud experiences and launch your server as well.


  • Good cloud computing provider
  • Limit free environment
  • Modify resources anytime
  • Act as next-generation SSD processors
  • No limitation in the operating system

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5. InMotion Hosting

With lots of brilliant functionalities, InMotion Hosting is the best cloudways alternative. It even operates during high traffic times.

As a result, it improves the overall configuration and speeds the website performances. It helps WordPress sites to achieve at the top-ranking page.

Drive organic traffic is what users need to get this best alternative. It is the best alternative for cloud computing and gets an affordable price.

The seamless hosting provider is a good uptime and excellent features. It can overcome the issues faced in cloud server hosting.

The overall website performance will be high even operating in high traffic. Low downtime is extremely low and generated with copies of data.

It is completely managed and free to make any changes. Speed and reliable is the most important thing to keep in mind. It works even on very high traffic at any time.


  • Speed and reliable
  • E-commerce support
  • Easy root access
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Downtime is low
  • Page loading with turbo fast
  • Reverse proxy caching

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6. FastComet

FastComet is the best cloudways alternative where everyone is looking for. Recently, it is managed by SSD cloud VPS service with the cPanel option.

With its right infrastructure and blazing speed, it offers impressive features for users. The servers are fully managed due to its unique functionalities.

VPS comes with fast connecting services to perform well. The price is the most significant advantage of using this alternative. It has optimized firewall safeguards to protect from hackers and malware. It understands the uptime and affordable pricing.

With the optimized firewalls, it caters to the user’s requirements. 100% satisfaction is a good thing to load the high page speed. It can easily manage domains and everything from the interactive free cPanel.

It allows users to root as well. Backup’s time is very fast and retrieves anytime. Databases are automated regularly.


  • Fast root access
  • Easy backup option
  • Good infrastructure
  • Manage unlimited FTP accounts
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Free website migration and access

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7. HostGator Cloud

HostGator Cloud is the best alternative for cloudways.

The hosting is highly efficient and allows users to access them faster. Due to its affordability, users can take it as the best alternative. By having this cloud-based service, websites will have fast performance.

It can easily expand according to traffic. It has impressive uptime and no need to worry about the website crash. It depends on the user’s configuration and gets whatever services need from this hosting. It does not require any technical knowledge.

The cloud computing platform enables you to get the direct link and expand the resources as well. High page loading speed is the best thing we may notice in this alternative. With its best features, it has faster loading time with 100% cloud hosting.

The technical support team offers a good solution for any kind of problem. Due to its amazing features, it will expand the site performances quickly.


  • High page loading speed
  • Overall uptime for Hostgator
  • Impressive uptime and access
  • Expand the resources up to traffic
  • Migration is super easy
  • Access within budget
  • The technical support team is responsive

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8. Liquidweb

Unlike others, LiquidWeb is one of the best cloudways alternatives. It is fully managed servers depends on the uptime guarantee.

Users are accessing it because of its real-time monitoring system. This alternative cloud hosting gives the most excellent substitute. It allows you to get a complete dedicated server. They can easily host and manage your business applications effectively.

It can take control of the dummy site and works better for a plugin. With the automated system, it will compress your images with increased server performance. Hosting is completely managed by running a WordPress site and so on. It is the most excellent alternative for cloudways.

It took a glance at the exciting qualities of managed cloud hosting service. Backups are taken daily by a store with a free SSL certificate.

Cloud-powered VPS servers take place-unique features on a free connection. You can download anytime you want from backups. The price range starts from $59/m.


  • Fast network uptime
  • Handening server
  • Good monitoring sonar
  • Heroic supported
  • SSD RAID 1 Drives

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9. A2Hosting

A2Hosting is the fastest hosting and good alternatives to cloudways.

It covers shared, managed WordPress, and dedicated hosting packages. At affordable pricing, it believes to make use of SSD powered web hosting.

A2Hosting usually takes faster speed services with solid-state servers. They are integrated with HTTP/2, Cloudflare and so on. Users can get fast hosting services at affordable pricing. By using this alternative, it boosts the website speed.

It works towards customer’s choice and further identifies clear objectives. They are developer-friendly and give full root access to the server.

Managed plans will give you peace of mind with admin free access. Plans include 2TB data transfer that is more than cloudways basic plan. Cpanel configuration is easy by managing the server.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free site migration
  • One-click WordPress install
  • Faster and security
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • WP-CLI configuration

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Conclusion on Best Cloudways Alternatives in 2023 for Your Hosting Needs

Picking the top cloudways alternatives is easy from the above-mentioned choices. You can choose according to your needs.

If you are a developer, you will have a chance to pick what are the most important alternatives you want. By seeing its outstanding features, you can pick depending on the following configuration.

Here, you can easily choose your favorite and best cloudways alternative. With its exceptional features and price, get clear ideas to choose the alternatives.

Among the bloggers, developers, and others, these alternatives are a boon

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