Best Namecheap Alternatives 2020

As we all know, Namecheap is the best domain registrar in the market. People prefer this platform to register the domain and a hosting platform. Yes, it gives excellent services to small business owners. But, one of the best things about Namecheap is the low domain renewal prices. This makes Namecheap as a most affordable domain registrar available today. But unfortunately, some clients face issues while registering. It is due to some technical problems and any other else. Of course, the solution is finding alternatives for Namecheap. Do you need a good alternative? Well, we have picked the best Namecheap alternatives 2020 for your reference. It will help you to choose the best alternative for your requirements.

Best Namecheap Alternatives 2020

1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a world’s biggest domain registrar where everyone is registering domain names. It offers some common domain extensions for small businesses. Apart from this, it is the best alternative for Namecheap. It provides everything for you because of its unique functionalities. I mainly recommend everyone to use the GoDaddy domain registration. Of course, it offers the domain name for small businesses.


  • It quickly supports all form of domain extensions
  • Useful for small business
  • User-friendly interface

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2. HostGator

Do you need the best Namecheap alternatives 2020? Well, HostGator is among the best. Due to its faster-hosting community, people prefer this as the best alternative. They still have trusted providers on the market. Everyone get affordable plans with high-quality services from this domain registrar. It is the right choice for everyone.


  • It gained award-winning customer service
  • It considers feature-rich plans and customer-oriented approach
  • Cost-effective packages

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3. iPage

Whenever you are searching for the best Namecheap alternatives 2020, prefer iPage. This is the best alternative domain registrar. It is available on the best pricing with good hosting plans. You can use it for a longer time within limited packages. In iPage, you can see a free drag and drop builder has hundreds of templates. Customers can purchase hosting for a maximum of 1 year with good plans. Everyone can get excellent customer support via live chat and calls.


  • Get the cheap domain and web hosting solution anytime
  • It offers a free domain name with a decent hosting plan
  • Gives 24 hours live support and email
  • Lots of freebies available with a proper hosting plan

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4. A2 Hosting

When comparing others, A2 hosting is very straightforward and cost-effective. It is the best Namecheap alternatives 2020 for all. It is well known for high-quality, speedy servers. Many clients like this domain registrar and hosting within page speed. It is offering an array of web hosting services to the clients. Also, domain registration is very affordable and easy to handle. This hosting site is helpful for any time and a good value for money.


  • The pricing is affordable
  • There is no contract for billing
  • Gives free SSL certificate
  • Gives money-back guarantee

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5. BlueHost

BlueHost is commonly recommended among professionals and webmasters. Due to its unique features, people prefer this domain registrar and web hosting services very much. It has been rated as the best Namecheap alternatives in 2020. Of course, this is the best alternative app, and everyone is registering the domain and web hosting. It is the most recommended one by webmasters and others. You can get free domain name registration along with hosting services.


  • It is easy and doable
  • Includes main shared packages for a domain name
  • There is free domain registration available
  • WordPress optimized with trust

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6. NameSilo

NameSilo is the most potential and another best Namecheap alternative 2020. Due to its low pricing, webmasters prefer this registrar. You can get a little bit of a discount in pricing. It is useful for a longer duration that offers a quantity-based discount. You can save money when you use this best alternative of Namecheap. It easily hides personal information and phone number when you use for business purpose. Therefore, it might help avoid the junk files. It acts as a freebie for the first package, and next year payment may be available.


  • It is cheap and reliable hosting services
  • It offers certified registrar by ICANN
  • NameSilo offers free Whois privacy for lifetime
  • An excellent choice for domain investors with quantity based discounts

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7. Google Domains

As the name implies, the domain name Registrar Company by Google provides a free domain. It makes purchasing and efficiently manages the process. However, Google Domains is currently available in a few countries. It is free, and anyone can cost-effectively register a domain. The process is easy and gets 100% satisfaction for domain registration and web hosting services. Everyone expects 24 hours customer support via chat and email confirmation.


  • It has free WHOIS privacy
  • It supports custom email with G Suite
  • 24 hours of customer services available
  • Domains are accessible by Google DNS infrastructure

8. FastComet

If you are searching for the best Namecheap alternatives 2020, consider FastComet. It offers excellent web hosting services with tons of freebies and greatly valued add-ons. It creates top quality services for small business owners. FastComet is offering the same renewal price policy depends on the signup price. It gives free domain registration depend on the current hosting plan.


  • Servers are great with a durable uptime guarantee
  • Quickly transfer the hosting for free
  • It offers free domain transfer

9. InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is another best Namecheap alternatives in 2020. It is a reliable hosting provider serving thousands of clients across the world. It offers a range of services to small business owners. InMotion Hosting provides additional Add-on services and security tools quickly. InMotion hosting provides an online knowledge base and blog for everyone.


  • Top-notch servers with an excellent uptime
  • The plan includes free domain registration and renewals
  • Free automatic backups available
  • WordPress optimized one

10. is a reliable and trusted best Namecheap alternatives 2020. They offer an extensive array of products in a single click. Buying a domain and registering is very easy on this platform. You can pick any domain and register for free for the first time. This is one of the biggest domain registrars with individual extensions. There is a privacy protection and would not face any spam troubles.


  • This is a trusted registrar and approved by ICANN
  • More domain extensions are available than Namecheap
  • Ever pre-register new domain extensions

Conclusion on Best Namecheap Alternatives 2020

From the above discussion, I have discussed the best Namecheap alternatives 2020 for your reference. I hope this article will help you to prefer the best option for domain registration and web hosting services.

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