50 Best Recurring Affiliate Programs with LifeTime Income [2023 List]

Recurring affiliate programs are one of the best ways to make an online income.

In this post we will share with you the list of best recurring affiliate programs

So let’s get started.

The idea of affiliate programs is simplistic: you advertise a product or a service for a customer, and you get a share of the profits.

You collect a predetermined reward when a single user is paying his / her next bill when you assign a user to another service (usually subscription scheme or products that include repetitive monthly payments).

Some of the corporations have fixed period fees (say, one year) and several businesses have a lifetime reward.

It all relies on the sales practices of corporations. Although some businesses pay you a fee with a customer, others send you a monthly revenue.

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The proportion of your split is different from business to business, but much of the time the client is with the corporation.

For each customer, some businesses identify a transaction life – say one year.

This ensures that you will not get a cut, though the customer sticks with the business for over a year.  You can choose the correct one as per the need.

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What Does Recurring Affiliate Programs Mean?

The affiliate program is a connexion in which you (the “affiliate”) are paid by a distributor for a link by your website to its website.

The associated business is typically compensated only when your reference contributes to an actual transaction by the retailer.

Pay Per Action (PPA) is this sort of advertisement (and IS advertisement) which is not charged for holding the advertising reference or graphics of the vendor, but it is only charged to a specific action when a user (visits, completes a form, makes a purchase), conducts the task.

Web Hosting Recurring Affiliate Programs

Web hosting is a highly profitable marketplace. Users can host their websites with hundreds of choices.

That is why sites for web hosting also reward their affiliates fairly.

However, there are relatively few hosting providers that sell their affiliates’ repeated commissions.

1. Cloudways

Standard Cloudways offers super-fast web hosting services for excellent prices. It arrives with firewalls assigned to each hosted website.

Options such as encryption by two factors make the web site security almost unbreakable.

The prices begin at $10, making it super simple for Cloudways to export irrespective of whether you market it through social media or content on your blog.

Some of the notable features of this program include 27*7*365 Customer care service, easy Telephonic Access, Application margin issue set-up, proper Monitoring of the Application, Quick response by the CCE, HTTP/2 supported servers, Default PHP-FRM, Priceless WordPress Cache, SSD based hosting, and more.

Join Cloudways Affiliate

2. Kinsta

Kinsta provides high-end automated options for WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud.

They use state-of-the-art technologies to deliver super-fast load times for websites and offer outstanding 24/7 service for professionals.

Any comparison plus 10 percent recurrent monthly living commissions you will receive from $50 to $500.

The bill for the commission differs on the hosting plan to which you apply.

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This is the payment arrangement for multiple hosting plans of the Kinsta hosting commission.

  • $50 commission per selling start-up proposal
  • $100 profit per product on Pro Plan
  • $150 commission by selling of Business plans.
  • $500 commission on Enterprise plans.

Join Kinsta Affiliate

3. RoseHosting

RoseHosting provides professionally operated VPS hosting at reasonable rates, and since 2001 has been a hosting company.

It also has a strong uptime performance since 2003 of 99.99%.

Therefore RoseHosting is the best alternative if you want to encourage an impressive VPS hosting solution for your audience. For any payment made by references, RoseHosting gives a periodic 10% fee.

The best thing regarding RoseHosting is to raise your annual commission on a regular basis to 15% if you connect to 30 compatible references (30 effective transactions from your sponsored content).

Join RoseHosting Affiliate

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SEO Recurring Affiliate Programs

SEO is a billion dollars business and there are a variety of outstanding SEO solutions that supply you with repetitive high-paying charges.

1. BeRush

The affiliate service SEMrush is named BeRush and this is one of the bloggers and digital promoters’ best recurrent affiliate services.

This is also one of our best means of receiving revenue that makes us raise over $260,000.

Indeed, if you’ve had a proper content management plan, there is a tremendous opportunity for making thousands of dollars from BeRush per month.

On each effective sale that you create across your affiliate links, BeRush provides you a 40 % recurring fee.

Join BeRush Affiliate

2. Mangools SEO Tools

Over 500K individuals worldwide use Mangools SEO tools and they also provide common tools such as KWFinder for additional research of keywords.

With every good transaction, you will receive a 30% recurring fee.

You immediately get connected to the affiliate category once you have the free Mangools account, and there is no review process involving so that you can begin promotion as soon as you have an account.

Join Mangools Affiliate

3. Serpstat

Serpstat is a hacking platform for development that is used for SEO and PPC campaigns. There are more than 200,000 registered users using it.

On any transaction that is generated through your affiliate links, you will receive up to a 30% recurring bonus.

As the fee relies on the recommendations you give, they don’t provide a flat processing fee like SEMrush.

For each reference, this is how often profit you can receive:

  • If you produce up to 3 transactions, you’ll get a reward of 5%.
  • For 4 to 10 transactions, you will earn a fee of 10%.
  • 11 to 20 transactions, you will get a 20% referral charge.
  • If you make 21 or even more transactions, you’ll get a 30% bonus.

Join Serpstat Affiliate

4. SpyFu

SpyFu is an outstanding research tool for competitors that provides amazing functionality at competitive prices for SEO and PPC campaigns.

Their subscription begins at only $33 a month and limitless queries and installs are included with any package.

For every reference you send to them, you will receive 40% in regular monthly rewards.

Join SpyFu Affiliate

5. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a popular keyword analysis tool that is used by more than 70,000 marketing firms around the region to identify long-tail keywords.

For any referral that subscribes via your affiliate links, along with all potential periodic fees, you will receive a 30% profit.

Join Long Tail Pro Affiliate

6. Raven Tools

Another powerful all-in-one SEO platform is Raven Tools, which comprises 45 specialist equipment varying from white label analysis to link building, rank monitoring, website audits, etc.

They would offer you 40% of the regular profits on all their goods for the duration of the period of your referral.

Join Raven Tools Affiliate

Social Media Recurring Affiliate Programs

Networks and systems with social media affiliates are a gateway between distributors and partner programs that facilitate offerings over social networks.

Commonly, major partner networks support these types of deals but with some limitations.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap chat and Pinterest are the key traffic outlets for such deals.

During the past few years, people have been tending to use a small range of apps every day, with an emphasis on social networking applications.

1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is among the most basic methods for YouTube channel maintenance and video optimization, which enables mass video processing, video SEO, advertisement, and so on for YouTube video creators.

As long as it stays a paying client, you can receive a 50% recurring profit from individuals you refer to them each month.

Join TubeBuddy Affiliate

2. SocialPilot

For bloggers and small firms, SocialPilot is an accessible social media management platform that can assist with marketing strategy, social media analytics, team collaboration, etc.

For all of the other SocialPilot premium sales, you will receive a 30% annual profit and you get a payment per each upgrade.

Join SocialPilot Affiliate

3. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is an amazing tool for content marketing and social digital strategy that is used to find, plan, and evaluate the information on social media.

For any skilled professional who comes through your referral route until the life of that client, you will receive 30% of the profit.

Join Content Studio Affiliate

4. Tailwind

Tailwind is the social networking scheduling method provided by more than 500,000+ users on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram for organizing.

For all effective transactions made via affiliate links, you will receive a 15% annual fee.

Join TailWind Affiliate

WordPress Recurring Affiliate Programs

WordPress is the largest global CMS (Content Management System) and there are many outstanding WordPress plugins and resources.

By selling templates, plugins, utilities, or consulting, many web developers, writers, and freelancers are making big money through their use of WordPress.

1. Elegant Themes

Among the most common professional WordPress themes that are used by more than 650,000 people globally is Elegant Themes.

It also provides Divi, a flagship theme, and fully responsive creator, to configure the website as you want.

For any good transaction made across your links, you can receive 50% recurring incentives and they even pay out incentives for annual renewals.

They already have more than 30,000 affiliates, and Exquisite Themes pays them over $3,000,000 a year!

Join Elegant Themes Affiliate

2. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes has been well specialized in providing professional WordPress themes & plugins based on transformation.

For each transaction you recommend, you will receive 35% and 25% commissions for any regular purchase made using your referral links.

As you would need to first go through a fast quiz so they can see if you are the right candidate for their affiliate network, they have a special way of accepting their affiliates.

Join Thrive Themes Affiliate

3. SEOPressor Connect

By entering the SEOPressor partner network, you will support one of the WordPress theme SEO plugins.

The best benefit of accessing the SEOPressor affiliate scheme is that you will make up to a 50% monthly recurring fee on each recommended client.

SEOPressor Connect is a professional WordPress plugin that mainly helps with on-page optimization and also gives immediate reviews and recommendations to enhance search terms for your content.

Join SEOPressor Connect Affiliate

4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is the best WordPress page builder for plug and play that is widely used globally by over 1 million sites.

Also, with a platform theme, it includes a WordPress page builder plugin so that you can create any website from scratch.

All transactions, even their annual approvals, will give you a 25% recurring bonus.

By signing up, within 24 hours, they will usually endorse your affiliate proposal and then you can begin marketing their services.

Join Beaver Builder Affiliate

5. AccessWP

AccessWP is a perfect WordPress service agency headquartered in the United States that provides unrestricted management of WordPress and service for WooCommerce.

Their pricing schemes start at $99 a month, so if you submit further references, you can receive a decent periodic incentive.

For the lifespan of a client, you will receive a 10% annual commission on each of their subscription packages.

Join AccessWP Affiliate

6. MemberMouse

MemberMouse is a WordPress value pack plugin where any service or subscription with pricing options can be offered.

For one complete year, you will receive a 25% recurring bonus on all your purchases.

For example, you would be paying $60 in profit and a massive $1797 profit for a Skilled Plan user if anyone buys their Starter Plan.

Join MemberMouse Affiliate

7. PremiumCoding WordPress Themes

PremiumCoding offers comprehensive WordPress themes that are used globally by over 32,000 individuals.

With 40% recurring profits, your affiliate commissions begin and they can go up to 50% as your reference profits rise.

On annual and monthly renewals, they also pay-out bonuses.

Join PremiumCoding Affiliate

Email Marketing Recurring Affiliate Programs

Among the most profitable items for an affiliate network is email marketing. A successful email marketing campaign can support almost any online company.

As the phrase goes, “The money is definitely on the table.”

And an email service provider (ESP) is used by almost anyone who has an email business strategy.

1. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an application for content marketing developed solely for web developers such as bloggers, vloggers, and marketing professionals.

Within each amount paid by a consultant who activates an account with ConvertKit and then subscribes via the reference with your particular keyword ID, you will get a 30% periodic fee.

For example, you can earn $1000 per month by referring to 115 accounts for up to 1000 users.

Join ConvertKit Affiliate

2. Aweber

About 100,000 mail advertisers all over the globe use and support AWeber.

It offers excellent functionality for email marketing, such as limitless emails, tracking, scheduling of emails, segmentation, and so on.

With a 365-day cookie length, AWeber provides a 30% periodic recommendation incentive so that you can get rewarded every single month.

They will develop a customized ID for you until you complete the application so that you can continue to promote AWeber to your community.

Join Aweber Affiliate

3. GetResponse

GetResponse is a fully featured-in-one framework for marketing applications that offers you everything else from email marketing to webinars to blog content to digital marketing.

They also give free 30-day try-outs without even a credit card, making it simpler to improve your conversions.

GetResponse has specific services for members that can be joined by anybody. One is the “Affiliate Reward Scheme” for each submitted account, where you get $100 (one-time commission).

Another is the Affiliate Subscription Scheme, which costs you 33% of each effective referral’s recurring reward.

Join GetResponse Affiliate

4. Leadpages

You can build everything from high-converting product pages to pop-ups and websites utilizing Leadpages, and it is one of the largest landing page developers and enhancing customer resources in the sector.

For as often as your recommendation stays a Leadpages client, you can receive 30% recurrent incentives.

By signing up, all their affiliate applications are typically accepted within 1 working day.

Join LeadPages Affiliate

5. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is an outstanding automation platform for email marketing that provides you with functionality such as email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools.

And over 100,000 organizations currently use it and it seamlessly integrates with 280 + functionalities such as Shopify, WordPress, and Zapier.

Every single month, you will receive up to 30% variable profit on the price of the assets you refer to.

Join ActiveCampaign Affiliate

6. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is a common sales channel developer that allows individuals to quickly generate sales funnels that are highly converted within moments.

ClickFunnels earns your annual profits of up to 40% every month. This is how the framework of their commission operates.

Affiliates of the latest ClickFunnels will receive a 20% commission.

Affiliates generating $1000 in profits in a month will actually earn 30% commissions in a month.

Join ClickFunnels Affiliate

7. Benchmark

Benchmark is a convenient application for online marketing that provides functions such as optimization of email, link building, landing pages, and so on.

It is also the best recurring commission affiliate programs globally.

Each month, you will receive a 25% periodic payment.

So you will earn a 25% reward on and of their purchases if someone signs up for a paid account through your recommendation link.

Join Benchmark Affiliate

8. Wishpond

Wishpond is a dynamic service and best affiliate program for recurring commissions that delivers four fantastic tools, comprising landing pages, pop-ups, content, and automation of emails without any issues.

You’ll receive a periodic 30% commission anytime anyone signs up for Wishpond via your unique referral reference.

Any moment your recommendation subscription is extended, whether it is monthly or yearly, you get rewarded.

Join Wishpond Affiliate

9. MailerLite

MailerLite offers all online marketing functionality in one, namely drag and drop editor, landing page builder, routing of emails, and so on.

Whenever anyone buys MailerLite through your affiliation channel, you will receive 30% of both the actual purchase and the recurring payments.

They can also provide you connections to an affiliate platform to track your recommendation signups, transactions, and the resulting transactions to you.

Join MailerLite Affiliate

10. Instapage

Russell Brunson and his party supported Instapage back in 2014.

Russell had also converted Instapage into an annual business of $100 million and at the period of August 2018, it had over 65,000 registered members.

Instapage is a framework for post-click optimization that converts clicks on ads into further conversions.

It provides different functions, such as AdMap, landing pages, exploration, and so on. You’ll get a regular 50% bonus for the first year and a 30% lifetime profit after that.

Join Instapage Affiliate

11. Landingi

Landingi is a lead capture developer that allows you to create, publish, and customize your landing pages for expanded capabilities with easy to use functionality.

As long as your recommended users remain with Landingi, you will receive a 30% recurring fee.

You have to first create an account with Landingi to access their affiliate network.

Then, you can locate the Affiliate Program tab from the overview where you can pick your incentive package and support their service.

Join Landingi Affiliate

Internet Marketing Recurring Affiliate Programs

Here, we will be covering different internet marketing or digital marketing recurring affiliate programs that range from minimal help desk software to internet related software, eCommerce software, graphic design tools, digital marketing aiding tools, and more.

1. Snappa

For advertisers and bloggers, Snappa is a completely integrated graphic design platform for designing graphics for social media, websites, advertising, and much more.

On all profit earned by your links, you’ll receive a 30% recurring incentive.

You’ll get a customized affiliate reference after signing up that you can use to keep promoting their stuff.

Due to these unique features, it is considered the best recurring revenue affiliate program till now.

Join Snappa Affiliate

2. LiveChat

LiveChat is a messaging app and service desk software that lets companies get in touch with their customers for digital customer service exclusively on their website.

It is also known as the best affiliate program recurring till now due to its fast service.

LiveChat pays you a monthly profit of 20%.

Most companies that use LiveChat remain with their apps for years, so with each efficient delivery sale, you can receive an excellent reward.

Join LiveChat Affiliate

3. Stencil

For bloggers and social popular platforms, Stencil is a globally used graphic design tool that offers advanced capabilities to quickly design attractive pictures.

Till now it is the best recurring income business affiliate program due to its unique features.

From every single transaction you create from your referral links, you will receive a 30% recurring bonus each month.

Each month, instantaneous incentive pay-outs are produced to your PayPal account.

Join Stencil Affiliate

4. Shopify

Shopify is the world’s top platform and online retailer builder for e-commerce, operated by over 1 million companies worldwide.

Shopify provides a “Shopify Partner Scheme” where it gives you a 20% annual reward on the monthly subscription fee of every good referral.

Their affiliate program also lets you receive an aggregate of $58 for someone who signs up with your specific referral reference for a paid plan and $2000 for each connection to “Shopify Plus.”

Join Shopify Affiliate

5. NinjaOutreach

The product range NinjaOutreach is built for corporations, SEO firms, Marketing Services, Digital Public Relation Services Companies, lead generational specialists, e-mail marketers, connect makers, campaign managers. In any domain authority, backlinks, social supporters, and other criteria, people can search link building details in the filter search option.

Ninja Outreach is a the-in-one blogger outlet service that allows you global access with around 78 million influencer marketing from social media and bloggers.

With each consumer you recommend across your affiliate referral links, you will receive 20% monthly recurrent incentives.

Join NinjaOutreach Affiliate

6. Teachable

Teachable is the largest online network for designing and selling courses online that are used by more than 124,000 online teachers who have received more than $650 million from their programs.

There are actually over 28 million students globally who are learning everything using this site.

Each month, you receive 30% recurring profits and you receive a fee for as much as that person remains a consumer.

Join Teachable Affiliate

7. Depositphotos

Depositphotos is among the most common stock providers that allow you to create at reasonable prices millions of stock photos, videos, and vectors.

For first-time purchase recommendations, you will receive 40%, and for each customer, up to 15% annual payment.

As per them, their average client remains with Depositphotos for 18 months, so from any first-time transaction, you can make a fixed reward.

Join Deposit Photos Affiliate

8. SamCart

Russell Brunson and his party made SamCart in early 2014.

Russell has now transformed SamCart into a business of 100 million dollars annually and at the end of August 2018, it has only reached over 65,000 registered members.

SamCart is a useful feature for shopping carts that offers great functionality for online sales of both digital and physical items.

You will receive regular rewards of up to 40%.

Join SamCart Affiliate

9. Payhip

To sell digital goods such as eBooks, apps, and digital copies, and so on, Payhip presents an all-in-one platform.

On sales transaction costs, you can receive 50 % recurring profits.

Join Payhip Affiliate

10. Post Affiliate Pro

Precise monitoring, superior efficiency, and effective promotion functions for affiliates. Fully flexible to fulfil large and small corporations’ needs and to develop and maintain active partner networks.

Post Affiliate Pro is an excellent affiliation app that lets you monitor your affiliate marketing & networks quickly.

All your referred transactions, including trial updates, will receive a 20% recurring fee.

Join Post Affiliate Pro Affiliate

11. pCloud

pCloud is an incredibly simple-to-use platform for cloud storage that offers secure communications cloud services that are used globally by more than 10 million people.

Per each good sale of pCloud made with your referral links, you will receive up to a $70 reward.

For any of their services, like pCloud Premium, pCloud Premium Plus, pCloud Crypto, or pCloud Business, you can get paid regular bonuses.

Join pCloud Affiliate

12. PicMonkey

PicMonkey is a popular photo editing tool for blogs, social media pages, and so on to create attractive photographs and graphics.

It also has a large archive of 10 billion images produced around the globe and millions of users.

For initial sales, you will receive a 30% commission and 15 percent profit for approvals or extra sales from returning customers who have bought their service using your referral links.

Join PicMonkey Affiliate

13. RescueTime

RescueTime is a broadly used platform for automated time tracking that monitors time on pages and apps.

It is often used as a platform for interruption preventing boosting the general productivity when working online.

RescueTime is a broadly used program for automated time tracking that monitors time on pages and apps.

It is often used as a platform for interruption blocking to boost general productivity when working online.

Join RescueTime Affiliate

14. Time Doctor

Time Doctor seems to be another useful feature for time tracking and efficiency analytics that is used globally by more than 83,000 individuals.

For every update, new customer, and payment renewal on Time Doctor, you will receive 30% recurrent profits.

You will also receive a 2 % annual bonus for all consumers directed to by an associate directed to buy Time Doctor.

That implies you can earn cash even from your recommendation queries.

15. Olark

Olark is a revered live chat app with a global audience of even more than 12000. All of them are used to help consumers and sales.

Olark Partner program, through recommending clients, allows members to receive incentives. Olark offers two membership types: free and premium.

By referencing all the new Olark clients, you will receive a 20% commission.

You will also receive 20% on approvals of up to 1 year on annual rewards.

Join Olark Affiliate

VPN Recurring Affiliate Programs

VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables you to securely and safely surf websites. A client signs up for a subscription charge, and websites and emails shield their IP address from the VPN.

A VPN effectively makes internet access safer and allows users to stay confidential.

There are various VPN affiliate programs such as:

1. ZenMate VPN

Over 46 million people are currently using ZenMate VPN for secure, private, and unlimited access to the internet.

ZenMate would be not only relevant for professional customers, but also for private consumers with an ever-serious concern about data security because of its increasing interest in safe navigation, confidentiality, and unblocking information.

Per selling, you can receive up to 100% commission.

For each proposal, here’s their current strategy.

  • For monthly plans of 35%
  • For yearly schedules, 30%
  • For 6-monthly proposals, 30%


HMA (Hide My Ass) provides free resources for web proxies, VPNs, and internet privacy.

It was developed back in 2005 by Jack Cater and it is now accessed globally by more than 400 million users.

Up to 100% profit will be won by you.

The value of your reward depends on the duration of the subscription and the renewals.

It is considered the best recurring income business affiliate program globally.

Join HMA VPN Affiliate

3. PureVPN

This Affiliate Scheme permits a consumer recommendation payment to PureVPN.com from any person or company.

When a new client, referred to by an affiliate, orders a package plan to use our services the referral commission would be created.

On the 1-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month packages, you can receive a 35% periodic profit on each renewed membership.

4. TorGuard

In the VPN industry, TorGuard is a trustworthy brand utilized every day by hundreds of people to safeguard their internet privacy.

You may refer your friends or clients to TorGuard VPN services by entering the TorGuard membership scheme and convert your web traffic into incremental revenue.

TorGuard offers Secure VPN, Proxy, and Email Solutions and also has a worldwide network in over 50 + nations with 3000 + global VPN servers.

From each registration you recommend, you can receive a 30% lifetime periodic fee structure.

FAQs about Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs

What are recurring services for commissions?

Every month (or every payment loop) from each sign – up you connect to, ongoing affiliate programs pay you. Then you’re not just receiving once, every time your recommendation pays for the subscription of a product or service that you support, you’ll be paid.

Where can recurring services be found online?

Having a product or service that provides subscription services is the easiest way to find ongoing services. For example, SEMrush provides monthly subscription packages along with 40% recurring incentives (including the annual pay period).

Is joining recurring affiliate networks free?

Yes, almost all of the period, it’s absolutely free to register for any partner program including recurring services. To market their brand, some recurring affiliate networks can ask you to start utilizing their service or product.

Conclusion on Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

It has been a struggle in the background to find the best recurring affiliate programs to become a member of.

In addition, you must limit your list based on their payment structures in addition to seeking the right alternatives.

You must also take care of your speciality if you are doing affiliate marketing for some time – so you will start from scratch.

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