FastComet Black Friday Deals 2022 – Upto 75% Discount

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Fastcomet is a privately operated web hosting company based in the United States in San Francisco which delivers superior efficiency. Fastcomet has been one of the strongest web hosting firms in the industry since its establishment in 2013. Fastcomet is not an incredibly popular hosting business, it is not a networking company, but it is definitely the best hosting company out here to offer excellent service.

More than 50,000 customers and small business people worldwide are now using Fastcomet’s Web hosting facilities. In addition, they have made the hosting platform so easy to use that you can concentrate on the key stuff and allow FastComet to do everything else for you.

In reality, their FastCloud is for WordPress Hosting configured. In the global market, FastComet is a prominent host supplier. They’ve been around for about ten years and are trusted for their hosting requirements by thousands of large and small websites.

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Why do You Need to Use Fastcomet?

1. Money-back guarantee with no hidden charges

Specific rates, without secret costs, all options are available. To have 100 % customer loyalty, the company does everything possible. No extra fees or costs are identified. Or you’re not shocked to get a supplementary payment. At the conclusion of the contract cycle, all premiums will not raise, so every service is extended at the same amount.

If you don’t like the standard of the hosting company for whatever reason, you will get your money back. Most contestants give no more than 30 days, but you have 45 days for a full refund with FastComet.

2. Speed and Endurance

Sites that slowly load are obviously not up to high standards. A Google survey revealed that a one-second delay in mobile page load times would affect up to 20 percent conversion rates.

Many hosting services use conventional slow-moving HDD discs. This means that your website is progressively loading and will adversely influence the attempts to improve your search engine. Google algorithms help endorse quicker websites and scores on search engine results pages are higher.

Only solid-state drives (SSD drives) are supported by FastComet. It helps to boost website output to 300% as the files and databases are loaded even quicker. The estimated time to load sites is approximately 200 milliseconds, while in 500–600 thousand seconds, most competitors load pages.

This ensures that the bulk of the visits to the website, your online shop, or your blog can navigate far quicker and they will not bounce while they wait for your website to be updated.

In addition, the help staff will explore how the Google Page speed Analysis and GTMetrix ratings boost the load times of website users. No cache plugins may also be required since certain speed features are built-in and are allowed by default.

3. Free Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare CDN is yet another perfect way to maximize the efficiency and speed of the website. An extra membership would not have to be paid since it is included in all hosting services plans by contrast.

CDN is a brief component of a network for the distribution of content. It uses numerous resources around the world to store all your static data, such as photos, JavaScript files, or CSS files.

The viewer imports all these static files when the user opens your site. The farther the user from the main server actually is, the lower the pace of accessing the page. CDN providers can transmit photos and other static files from the server nearest to the actual location of the tourist to avoid this negative effect. It improves site efficiency and increases load speed considerably.

The global system of Cloudflare servers is widespread. In multiple countries, it has far more than 100 network infrastructures. Thus you can enjoy the pace and efficiency of your online company or blog even though your customers come from another continent.

Cloudflare is quick to get going. You will enable Cloudflare CDN in your hosting control panel in just one tap until you build and deploy your website with them.

4. Uptime guarantee of 99.99%

99.99 percent uptime is assured. If your uptime is less than 99 percent, your visitors will very frequently face the situation where your website is not available. An uptime of 99.99 percent means just 1 m 0.5s weekly.

This, of course, removes scheduled repair and relocation windows for updating components of the system as they improve overall efficiency, are uncommon as frequency and short as duration.

5. Security Measures

They use a special web firewall which is already optimized by other outlets to protect the site and the users from any online attacks. FastComet is able to block up to 99% of security risks that are hostile.

Consequently, each mutual hosting account has a segregated environment so your data and website won’t be in danger even though anyone else who uses the same server as you become compromised. The smart firewall defends against all known bugs, ransomware, and all other attacks by viruses.

6. Free SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is one of the core components of every website protection. They have SHA-256 hash algorithms and 2048-bit RSA encrypted secure certificates. The certificate can be ordered in one click and obtained in less than one hour. Their SSL certificates have a safe connection up to 8 times faster than conventional ones. Each holder of the certificate shall be $10,000 insured.

They also give free SSL certificates produced by Let’s Encrypt if you don’t want to compensate for an SSL certificate. By signing into your cPanel and entering the security area, you can conveniently navigate through Let’s Encrypt in the search region.

7. Accomplished WordPress Hosting

For establishing websites and blogs, WordPress is the most popular medium. It’s incredibly easy to use and user-friendly. This support team intends to provide consumers with the most effective, affordable, ready-to-use WordPress solution.

The components of WordPress cloud hosting are:

  • Free WordPress backups of your data every day and week to protect your data.
  • The SSD-only cloud computing is stored on the WordPress Web server.
  • Professional assistance for WordPress and instructions to get the website up and running quickly.
  • 1-click self-install of WordPress theme with free theme configuration carried out with expert support for WordPress.

How Can You Get Fastcomet Black Friday Deals Discount?

  • Access the FastComet website in the first instance.
  • You can see three plans – StartSmart, ScaleRight, and SpeedUp-if you want to move with hosting shared. The most famous is ScaleRight where several websites can be hosted. But if you want the best Web speed and don’t like to compensate for it, go to SpeedUp.
  • Pick your favorite plan and then press Start. After the Black Friday sale is over, the exclusive FastComet coupon will be available.
  • Enter or download your domain information.
  • Confirm your request on the next page and press Continue.
  • If not already added, you can apply your FastComet Black Friday sale 2021 coupon on the next tab. And this is it!  You used the FastComet cyber deal easily on Monday also.

Pricing Plan for Fastcomet

1. FastCloud

This strategy has everything that you need to create an online sector.

You can host a single website with 15 GB of SSD space in this system. This package contains all the necessary elements. The price tag of this plan is just $2.95 per month.

2. FastCloud Plus

This is the appropriate way to expand your website. You may also host many websites that have 25 GB of SSD storage from this package. In addition, this package contains 2X Processors and several enhanced tools. The price tag of this plan is just $4.45 per month.

3. FastCloud Extra

This is the most innovative package for economical prices with more resources, versatility, and efficiency. The 3X CPU, RAM, Memcached, etc. in this plan is included in the Rocket Booster package.

FastComet is undoubtedly the best choice if you want to launch a blog or website. Get a FREE Website Upload and FREE SSL Free FastComet account for a combined saving of $2.95 per month. The price tag of this plan is just $5.95 per month.

FastComet Features

  • Smooth & Copyrighted
  • Backups Regular
  • Cloudflare Free CDN
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL Free
  • Security of BitNinja Server
  • Transfer of Free Website
  • FTP Accounts Unrestricted
  • Unrestricted databases
  • Sub-domain Unrestricted
  • Various variants of PHP

FAQs on FastComet Black Friday Deals

When will FastComet be active on Black Friday Sale 2023?

Fast Comet will be offered live in line with the company’s marketing campaign on 25 November or a few days earlier.

When would FastComet Black Friday deal 2023 be the final day?

The sale ends on Monday (Cyber Monday) and which is followed by Black Friday

What should I pick from FastComet Plan?

It is recommended to choose a FastCloud package that will only cost you $2.95 / month if you are just beginning. If there are many websites you desire, go with the FastCloud Plus scheme.

Conclusion on FastComet Black Friday Deals 2023

Overall FastComet is the perfect hosting option for newcomer bloggers, and small business websites too, since they provide many options, for example – Free Website Conversion, Free SSL, Free Domain Transfer, SSD, And 24/7 customer support.

Therefore if you are searching for the best WordPress hosting then FastComet is strongly recommended. Grab the FastComet Black Friday deals to get a massive discount on the product.

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