How To Backup And Restore WordPress Site With Updraftplus in 2020

Are you looking to move your WordPress blog to new host?

If yes then you are on the right place.

In this post I will share with you how to move wordpress site to new host with no downtime.

This post will include how to backup and restore wordpress site with updraftplus

I request you to read this post till the end and follow step by step so that to avoid confusion and mistakes.

Why we need to migrate to new hosting?

This happens with us all the time.We choose a hosting which doesn’t offer good tech support also their servers are of low quality which in turn affects our blog.

We therefore look for other hosting providers who provide us with good servers and effective technical support.

Many of the WordPress blog users face downtimes due to which their blog traffic gets impacted which makes them frustrated a lot.

So here we need to migrate our blog to other hosting which can cater our blog and hosting needs.

Without wasting your time let’s start with the process of how to migrate your WordPress blog to new host.

How To Backup And Restore WordPress Site With Updraftplus in 2020

Step 1 – Go To Add Plugins Option In Your WordPress Dashboard.

You need to be logged in your WordPress dashboard and then click on Plugins -> Add New

Go to Add Plugins

Go to Add Plugins

Step 2 – Search For Updraftplus Plugin In Your WordPress Dashboard.

You need to login to your WordPress dashboard and search for “Updraftplus”.

Choose the option which I have circled in the image below

Search Updraftplus Plugin In Plugin Area

Search Updraftplus Plugin In Plugin Area

Step 3 – Install The Plugin And Activate

Now you need to install the plugin and activate the plugin for further steps.

UpdraftPlus Installed

UpdraftPlus Installed

Step 4 – Click on Updraftplus Settings in Plugins Section

Now you need to click on Installed plugins and then you need to click on Settings.

Click On UpdraftPlus Settings

Click On UpdraftPlus Settings

Step 4 –  Go to Settings tab in Updraftplus Plugin

In this step you need to select your file backup schedule and database backup schedule.

It is important to choose the schedule very properly not so long duration and not so short.

I keep settings to weekly option.

UpdraftPlus Settings

UpdraftPlus Settings

You can keep it to daily or weekly option its totally your choice.

Next you need to choose a remote storage where you want to store your backup data of your WordPress blog.

Updraftplus offer various remote storage option such as –

  • Updraftplus Vault
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • WebDAV
  • Dropbox
  • FTP
  • S3-Compatible (Generic)
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Openstack(Swift)
  • Rackspace Cloud Files
  • Dream Objects
  • Google Drive
  • Google Cloud
  • Email

I personally use Dropbox option as it is free to use and has considerable amount of storage space.

Keep reading how to backup and restore wordpress site using updraftplus

You can create Dropbox account for free.

Click here to create Dropbox account for free

Scroll down below and make sure you check the options given below –

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Uploads
  • Any other directories found inside wp-content
Remaining Settings Of UpdraftPlus

Remaining Settings Of UpdraftPlus

Now click on Save button

Step 5 – Remote Storage Authentication

A popup window will be showed to you which will look something like this.

Remote Store Authentication Popup

Remote Store Authentication Popup

You need to click on the link to authorize Updraftplus to take the action

Step 6 – Login To Dropbox Account

Put your username and password of your Dropbox account if you have created the account earlier or SignIn with Google

If you don’t have account you can create an account in the window as shown below.

Login To Dropbox Account

Login To Dropbox Account

Step 7 – Complete Dropbox Setup

A new window will be opened in front of you where you will be asked to click on Complete Setup button so that Upraftplus will link your WordPress with Dropbox account.

Dropbox Complete Setup

Dropbox Complete Setup

Step 8 – Dropbox Link Success

You will now be redirected back to your WordPress Admin Dashboard where you can see message like

Success : You have authenticated your Dropbox account

Dropbox Linked Success

Dropbox Linked Success

Now you need to click on Backup Now button as shown in below image.

Once you click this button Updraftplus will start its process to take the backup of your WordPress data.

It will also show the status of how much backup is taken and the time remaining to complete.

Click on Backup Now Tab in Updraftplus

Click on Backup Now Tab in Updraftplus

So this step completes our WordPress Data Backup.

Now we will move on to our new installed WordPress blog for restoring our old blog to new WordPress blog.

Restoring WordPress Blog To New Hosting Account

Before we start  restoring process make sure you install WordPress in your new hosting account.

Also don’t forget to update your nameservers to the nameservers of new hosting.

If you are using Cloudflare put the server IP in A record field of your domain name.

Once DNS migration is done you shall see a new WordPress installation with your domain name.

For restoring your old WordPress blog to your new hosting account you need to follow the above steps again

Follow steps from Step 1 to Step 8

After that you need to make sure that you match your Permalinks Settings with that of your old blog.

I had kept settings as

Make sure to keep the same setting in the new WordPress installation also.

It should look something like this image below

Change Setting to Post Name

Change Setting to Post Name

Step 9 – Check for Existing Backups In Dropbox Account

In this step you need to click on Existing Backups tab as shown below in the image.

Existing Backups In Dropbox

Existing Backups In Dropbox

Step 10 – Click on Rescan Remote Storage

Now you need to click on Rescan Remote Storage so that Updraftplus plugin will check if there are any existing backups found in your Dropbox account.

Make sure you select the latest or fresh backup you took while backing up your WordPress blog

Step 11 – Restore Backup from Updraftplus

Now you need to select all the options as shown in the image below to start the restoring process.

UpdraftPlus Restore Backup

UpdraftPlus Restore Backup

Step 12 – Restore Backup from UpdraftPlus (Continued)

Click Restore and a new window will be opened something like this.

UpdraftPlus Restore Backup Continued

UpdraftPlus Restore Backup Continued

In this Updraftplus plugin will show you some warnings and some information about restoring operation.

Don’t worry just click on Restore.

After few minutes the page will refresh and you will be taken to status of Updraftplus Restore process.

At the bottom of the page you can see “Restore successful”

Now click on Actions : Return to Updraftplus Configuration

Restore Successful

Restore Successful

Now if you see your WordPress Admin Dashboard it will reflect all those settings your old WordPress blog had.

It means all your data has been restored successfully!

Congrats you successfully migrated your WordPress blog from one host to another.

Conclusion on How to Backup and Restore WordPress Site with Updraftplus in 2020

I hope you found my post on “How To Backup and Restore WordPress Site With Updraftplus” useful.

If you have any queries or you need any help regarding migration of WordPress you can comment below or contact me from my Contact page.

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