How to Make Money on Pinterest for Beginners in 2023 [Detailed Guide]

2019 was the billion-dollar year for Pinterest. Pinterest helps people find recipes, products they love, DIY crafts, how-to’s and several other creative things.

Being both a creative showroom as well as a marketer’s dream – this social media platform can teach you how to make money on Pinterest in a lot many ways.

According to the Pinterest Q419 Earnings Report, there are now 335 million people who use Pinterest every month and more than half of them are weekly active users.

Also, Pinterest bid adieu to 2019 on a good note by overtaking the third-biggest social network in the United States – The Snapchat.

More than two-thirds of Pinterest’s user base is women.

More than 2 billion searches happen to take place over Pinterest each month. What more!! 600 million monthly searches done over Pinterest are for visuals.

After going through the above-mentioned data, you must be wondering how to make money with Pinterest. Several years back, most of us used to think that it was a platform to create inspiration boards and get quotes on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day.

Nobody ever knew that each image posted there has a link to some specific website and it is possible to make money from Pinterest.

Now the next question that pops up is what to do and what not to do to earn a living from Pinterest?

Who should we approach to learn how to earn money using Pinterest?

You’re at the right place.

The detailed article deals in detail with the step by step process to make money online using Pinterest.

Have A Website of Your Own? | How to make money on Pinterest with a blog

To make money with Pinterest, you need to have a website of your own.

Pinning on Pinterest and having a website shares the relation of chocolate waffle and ice cream.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to starting a blog, especially if you’re looking forward to making money from blogging and Pinterest at the same time.

The first step in the process of how to earn money with Pinterest is to have a self-hosted website.

Look out for the recommendations on Google for blogging platforms both paid and free that helps you earn money.

At the same time, do not choose a free blogging platform because they never allow you to make money from affiliates and display advertising.

Both of them are the major factors when it comes to making money with Pinterest.

Once you have created a blogging website, you can use Pinterest to send traffic to your site. Likewise, Facebook ads, this is another strategy blogger can use to boost their readers.

Write Engaging & Informative Content

Content is the king of the blogging world.

The key to writing a great masterpiece rests on a few things: blog content strategy, should be informative and the one that actually people feel like reading.

When it comes to how to make money with Pinterest with a blog, write something that people are looking for on Pinterest.

When it comes to Pinterest, people look for the topics which will benefit them or which will be of help to them. Choose a blog niche you love writing about.

Love what you write about.

Add some personal touch in it.

Make sure that your words don’t lack value.

If so, you will fail to build a community and an audience around your writing.

If you’re writing a long blog, it should deal in-depth about the topic but if it’s short ensured to keep the reader engrossed up until the end.

Your ultimate aim should be to start a blog and make money on Pinterest and always focus on creating more value instead of more volume.

Last but not least, avoid duplicate content.

Create Your Account on Pinterest

Pinterest has been running since 2010 and in these years, Pinterest has witnessed a paradigm shift from a platform where people “pin” pictures to the platform that can help you make an extra $100+ per day.

What are you waiting for? Sign up on Pinterest today!!

One of the main reasons why more and more people are turning towards Pinterest is that you need not have a large following base to drive traffic to your blog.

Start using Pinterest to make money online and set an example for lots of other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ensure You Have A Business Account

According to T&Cs of Pinterest, if you’re willing to drive traffic to any website from where you can make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing, you need to have a business account.

Very easy setup. You can also convert your existing personal account into a business one.

Pinterest’s business account has many advantages, such as:

  • On your profile instead of your name, you can display the company name. This makes your account look more professional.
  • You will have access to a plethora of marketing content. This, in turn, boosts your sales as well as the appearance of your account.
  • Once your website is verified, there appears a check-mark next to your display name. This makes your account look legitimate.
  • Time and again you can hold contests for your followers. This will help you in two ways: increased traffic and brand awareness.
  • You can analyze your boards and pins which will eventually help in evaluating your Pinterest strategy. And what other changes can be made.

Use Keywords in Profile, Board Descriptions & Pins

This suggestion sounds simple, but you’d be surprised to know that many brands fail because they do not use keywords in their profile, board descriptions and pins.

Pinterest is more into social networking to share ideas but the site also tends to give your website ranking on the search engines.

While Pinterest is a visual search engine, keywords are its building blocks.

Hence, by using the right keywords, your content can reach out to the people searching for the same on Pinterest.

At the same time, it is recommended not to be too generic while using the keywords.

Think about accompanying your generic keyword with descriptive detail.

When adding in a profile, ensure that the keywords used makes some sense to the reader.

Keywords are not confined till profile or pins; they extend to boards too.

Use top performing keywords in your board name, descriptions and categories also.

Try using keywords as hashtags too. While writing the pin descriptions, optimize them with keywords, this will help improve your Pin’s SEO ranking.

Shout out loud about your pin, let the pinners know where it links to and add a convincing call-to-action.

Pin Consistently and Aggressively

Pinterest favors pinners who are both regular and consistent.

It is recommended to pin at least 20-30 pins per day.

This might seem to be a cumbersome process, but it’s very manageable.

Pinning consistently helps you in two ways: it helps you discover your pins while increasing the number of followers.

Now, this does not mean that you pin everything in one go, break this down into intervals.

While you pin 5-7 pins in the morning, try for next 5-7 in the lunch and then remaining in the evening.

This will make your pins visible to both the local as well as people across the world.

You can maximize performance by pinning at the best time of the day.

At the same time, a word of suggestion is to not to pin 20 pins a day for one whole week.

To determine the best time to pin your boards, make use of response data.

Use Pinterest analytics to determine which time of the day, you can generate maximum re-pins and likes over your pins.

Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic to Your Blog

You’re now ready to learn how to make money with Pinterest after you’ve mastered the following steps:

  • Create a website
  • Wrote 5-10 inspiring blog articles related to your niche
  • Created your Pinterest business account
  • Used keywords in profile, pin description and boards
  • Did the pinning task consistently

Moving forward, follow the next two steps to make money online using Pinterest:

Drive Traffic to Your Blog –

Pinterest traffic is a new blogger’s best friend.

Put your efforts on Pinterest since you are a newbie in the blogging world.

It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to drive traffic to your new blogging website.

If used correctly and consistently, you will definitely see a boost in traffic.

Make Money with Display Advertising

Once you see that Pinterest traffic to your blog is increasing, you can make money with display advertising.

By displaying ads, you can earn a passive income online.

With time, you’ll definitely see a huge improvement in ad earnings when you will switch to display ads.

Make Money on Pinterest Through Affiliate Marketing

Many companies look for affiliates who can promote their products and services for a small commission if it results in sales.

Get in touch with companies, promote their products and services on your boards, using your affiliate links and you’re all set to make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing.

If someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you’ll be given a commission – Not bad.

Affiliate marketing is adversely used by bloggers to start a blog and make money on Pinterest.

Following are some important tips to know about Pinterest based affiliate marketing:

  • Thoroughly read the rules of your contract because there are a few companies that do not allow you to post their affiliate links on Pinterest.
  • Companies like Amazon do not permit the person to use the image present on their site to create pins, no matter if you’re an affiliate.
  • While posting the affiliate link, neither hide nor shorten the affiliate link. This means you have to be as transparent as you can with Pinterest.
  • You will always be required to make your affiliate relationship visible. One of the easiest methods to do is to use hashtags in your pin #affiliate or #affiliatelink.

Affiliate marketing is considered great if you’re interested in making money with Pinterest.

When you promote a product you love, it will add a whole lot of value to your follower’s lives.

Affiliate income forms a huge part of the blogging income.

Offer Virtual Assistant Services and Earn Money

Imagine, how cool it would be to earn money by simply pinning on Pinterest all day? Interesting!! Read on….

To work as a virtual assistant for Pinterest, you don’t need to pursue a course.

Pinterest virtual assistants are in high demand and this is one of many answers to how to earn money using Pinterest from home.

What you will do – Being the Pinterest virtual assistant, you will help social media influencers, online business owners, social media influencers optimize and streamline their Pinterest accounts.

This means you will create pins for your clients Pinterest accounts which in turn will drive traffic to their website or sales page.

Following activities will be performed by you as VA:

  • Creating Pins
  • Scheduling or posting the pins
  • Automating the pinning process
  • Run promotional and using Pinterest Ad Manager
  • Doing keyword research
  • Creating sales funnel

The benefit of working as a virtual assistant is that it’s insanely flexible – you can whenever you want to – no time boundations.

How much you will earn – While the beginner can earn somewhere around $15-$20 per hour, the experts can earn $100/hour.

The amount of money you earn rests on several factors – experience, skills, education, and so on.

What Is Actually the Work of Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

In this section, we will deal in detail about the tasks the Pinterest virtual assistant has to deal with?

First thing first, if you are working with Pinterest, you need to have the utmost patience and the end results will be worth rewarding.

The virtual assistant is no new term.

It has been there since the 1990s when the internet started to take off.

Being a virtual assistant for Pinterest you’re working as a freelancer or employee or contract services to other businesses.

Here is the basic list of services that you as a Virtual Assistant will offer:

Design graphics –

Before publishing anything on Pinterest, you need to create graphics. Pinterest has set guidelines for creating pin graphics as well as the tips for optimizing the size of the images for your pins.

Keyword research –

Every post that you publish should have a title and a brief description to inform the pinners what the pin is all about. You can optimize the title and description using top-performing keywords. #Don’t skip the hashtags.

Review & analyze Pinterest analytics –

Pinterest analytics are really helpful for they provide you with an insight on how your account is performing and what best can be done to improve the results. Referral traffic is also recorded on Google Analytics.

Use a software Tailwind to schedule posts –

Although the VA’s can manually publish content if you want to schedule the pins, you can do so by using Tailwind. This software helps you schedule pins for multiple boards.

Create and monitor Pinterest advertisements –

Promoted pins on Pinterest is what captures the attention of the visitor the most. At the same time, they are less expensive and once the promotion ends, they tend to live forever on Pinterest.

Most VAs work from home, are very proactive and fluent in management skills.

They keep their clients updated and informed about the work they do.

But Pinterest takes time to show results. So, hang on. Success will come and it will stay with you for sure.

How Much Money You Can Make By Working As Pinterest VA?

No need to be worried. According to Pinterest’s creative best practices research:

  • Pins that have a strong CTA tends to boost sales by 6%
  • Pins that drive traffic to landing pages which have the same images see a 13% increase in sales
  • Pins that have some special offer tends to drive 61% email conversion
  • Pin descriptions with the brand name in the first-time lead to 51% boost in email conversion
  • Pins that features prices in description tends to boost online sales by 28%

You must be wondering why I have mentioned these stats.

This is because if you have read the just above mentioned point “what is actually the work of Pinterest VA” then it is mentioned that you will create pins and if the user clicked on the link and the lead turns into a conversion, you will be given a commission.

And all the above-mentioned points if kept in mind while creating the pins will surely lead to conversions and $$ in your bank account.

With experience, skills and time you can earn $3,000-$4,000 per month.

The average hourly rate for a Pinterest VA in the initial days can vary from $25-$50.

To earn a handsome amount of side income, you don’t need to have many clients.

With the passage of time, once you become more established, you can start working with prestigious brands and earn more handsome income.

One thing is for sure – opportunities on Pinterest are abundant provided you work creatively.

Another fact is that if you happen to work for some good clients who ask you to manage their Pinterest account, you can earn six-figures income too.

Sell Your Own Products and Make Money

Pinterest is a massive sales channel where you have an option to sell your own products and drive traffic to your eCommerce site.

If you have an eCommerce site, Pinterest is again the answer to the question of how to earn money with Pinterest? You will not be directly making money on Pinterest; however, you’ll be leveraging Pinterest’s powerful search engine.

You can create the pins displaying your products such as digital products, physical products or services and link them directly to your eCommerce store.

Don’t forget to include a strong CTA and hashtags. Following points will tell you why Pinterest is an important tool for your eCommerce store:

  • 90% users hold that view that Pinterest helps them make purchase decisions
  • 78% users say that the content available on Pinterest is very informative
  • 66% users buy the product only after seeing it on Pinterest
  • Pinterest tends to bring in 33% more traffic for shopping than other sites

Hence, if you are an online shop owner and want to promote on social media platforms, Pinterest is one of them. Create pins to promote new products, put together different boards for different styles or themes, do keyword research etc., and so on.

Promoted pins will be best suitable for eCommerce promotion.

Promoted pins are Pinter’s version of Facebook ads. They seem to be a normal pin but in actual they are an ad.

You can optimize your promoted pins to reach out to the targeted audience.

You also have the option to place ads in browse mode, or search mode.

In search mode, you’ll have to choose the keywords the user will use to see your ads.

This is a vital step since your ads will display in front of people looking specifically for your product. If they are tempted, they will definitely “Like It”.

Offer Consulting Services to Make Money

If you’re good at convincing and teaching, start offering consulting services to the outside world and companies using Pinterest to make money online.

Pinterest consulting can also make you earn a full-time living.

For providing consulting services through Pinterest, you can share the testimonials from clients on your page as well as the website, and showcase your knowledge in the pins.

If you have your own website mentioning that you specialize in consulting services, it adds a star to your shoulder and creates a professional reputation.

Consulting services on Pinterest include in-depth analysis of your clients Pinterest profile and analytics of their website.

You will then put together and work upon all the suggested recommendations to help your clients fulfil their goals.

In recent times, Pinterest consulting has received an overwhelming response and is an amazing way to upgrade your social media skills.

When you become really experienced in consulting, the next step you can follow is by sharing your Pinterest knowledge with others.

If you managed to offer your consulting services to several brands, other pinners would be happy to know your strategies and tactics.

Create a number of successful campaigns, pin them and share with people your knowledge and experience. You can also run online classes and earn money.

You can launch your very own courses, eBooks, online coaching classes, online sessions to monetize your knowledge of Pinterest.

Having an eBook or a detailed blog about your journey can influence other aspiring individuals.

The only thing you need to have the skills and an aim to do something online and answer to many individuals asking “how to make money with a blog and Pinterest”.

Delve In Joint Promotion with A Brand

Delving in a joint promotion with a brand means you will have to work in direct association with the company to create pins to promote its products and services.

It can range from product placement activities such as “5 ways to spend a weekend in Melbourne” to “how laptop stands can make a difference in your life”.

To make money on Pinterest through joint promotion, you need to have an established account together with an experience that showcases that you will excel in creating eye captivating pins.

These pins should include:

The concept behind the pin:

  • Photography
  • Design of the pin
  • Brand placement

When it comes to joint promotions, the creator and the brand work in close association and develop pins for an ongoing campaign. Pin placement completely is based on the campaign strategy.

The final pins created can live either on both profiles or on the brand’s profile or your profile.

This approach is adopted by many brands to boost their traffic and bring forth their products in front of the creator’s audience base.

To create a broader reach, it is suggested to create a shared board with a brand.

This is because shared boards appear yours as well as their profiles. Brands pay their creator fee to curate a board that deals with their content and products.

When creating such boars, the perfect blend of your pins and the brand pins will help you reach more people.

Essential Tips to Follow to Make Money on Pinterest

  • Create Eye Captivating Pins – Pinterest is a visual tool and your visuals should stand out from the rest of the world. Fortunately, nowadays, it is easier to come up with high-quality creative images for your pins.
  • Describe Your Pins – Just like Google, Pinterest is also a search engine. Use keywords in the description of the pins. Look for the keywords in the search bar. Don’t forget to add the hashtags too for they also play a vital role in search.
  • Get in Touch with Other Pinners – Pin other people’s find. Click on the “follow links”. Not only Pinterest is a search engine but also a social media platform. The overall best practice to follow on Pinterest is to interact with other pinners.
  • Business Account Is Necessary – As mentioned in step two above, it is very much necessary to have a business account on Pinterest. It helps you make money, offer consulting services, affiliate marketing and gives you an insight into the analytics.
  • Schedule Pins with Tailwind – Tailwind is a marketing app that has been created specifically for Pinterest and Instagram. It helps promote pins, conduct analysis and its major function is that it helps you create a pinning schedule.
  • Press N Media Kit Is Must Have – Having a media or a press kit in your account informs the other businesses what services you have in store for them. It informs potential partners key facts and stats of your business, blog and Pinterest account.
  • Be Transparent About Partnerships – If you’re doing affiliate marketing or working as a virtual assistant, you have to let your audience know. As per the FTC regulations all you need to mention #affiliate or #affiliatelink in every pin you post.
  • Follow Pinterest’s Guidelines – To stay on the top while you make money from Pinterest, respect the platform and follow its said guidelines. Following this will not land you in a difficult situation or where your account can be blocked.
  • Keep Yourself Updated About the Changes on The Platform – Since 2010, Pinterest has undergone a lot of changes. Those changes can affect the way you earn money in a lot many ways. Read emails sent by them and change in policies every now and then.

Conclusion on How to Earn Money from Pinterest for Beginners in 2023

Don’t just learn how to make money on Pinterest. Implement the above-mentioned detailed steps for a successful earning.

Honestly, Pinterest is a one-of-its-kind platform that is both a search engine as well as a visual platform. It offers aspiring entrepreneurs a lot of different opportunities to earn money.

In the present-day time, diversifying your income is the best way to sustain your life.

Diversified income also helps you protect yourself and your business because Pinterest time and again makes a lot of changes.

The platform already has a huge reach and will continue to bring a boom in online marketing.

At present, it has 300 million users, without doubt, it will continue to be around in coming years reigning amongst the top social media platforms.

Opportunities will also have no end; they too will continue to grow. It’s you who need to take the first step. If worked dedicatedly and diligently, you can earn a full time living on Pinterest.

Now is the time to turn your Pinterest profile and blogging website into a money-making machine!!

More than 200 billion pins have been saved on Pinterest till date and have become the top platform to earn higher ROI. But what is the investment here? The investment here is of time, energy, creativity, content creation, and keyword research.

Take out time for Pinterest. Compose, schedule, post pins and create a new dashboard, pin to multiple boards at once, work as a virtual assistant, carry out affiliate marketing and let some dollars reflect in your account.

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