Optinchat Review 2020: Build Your Email Lists Fast and Easy

Optinchat Review
Optinchat Review

If you are searching for Optinchat review then you are on the right place.

In this post, I will share with you my optinchat review

Before I start with my review I want to tell you something about email list building.

When you have a started a blog or website you need visitors for the same.

Best part is why not get the emails of the visitors and send them the content of your blog or website in their mailbox.

Building an email list seems to be a daunting task as you need to ask visitors of your site to subscribe.

It does happen some may subscribe to your blog and some may not.

You need not worry there is a tool called Optinchat which will help you get email address of your site via AI chat.

So let’s begin with my Optinchat review.

Optinchat Review 2020 – Build Your Email Lists Fast and Easy

Optinchat Review
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Optinchat Review

What is Optinchat?

Optinchat is a free tool co-founded by Deepak Kanakaraju(Digital Deepak) which helps us to build email list via AI chat.

OptinChat Plugin UI
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OptinChat Plugin UI

The tool has got an impressive look and stylish design also its very attractive.

This tool can help you get email addresses of your site visitors very nicely.

I recommend this tool to every blogger or website owner who wants to increase their CTR(Click Through Rate)

This tool has helped me get a lot of email subscribers.

Click here to get Optinchat now

Keep reading “Optinchat review” for more information.

Optinchat Plugin Features

Higher conversions up to 14%

The site owners who have used Optinchat claims to experience higher conversion because of the interactive nature of Optinchat.

You will get conversions of 2x to 3x of other tools like popups.

Page Level Targeting

You can show them different messages on different pages of your website.

If someone is on about me page you can send them to connect on Facebook.

The chat which is very interactive and can get your tasks done easily.

Create Your Own AI Chat

Optinchat helps us to create our own AI chat with our custom questions and answers.

Data Storage and Integrations

You can store your emails in dashboard later on export it as CSV file.

You can even integrate with email marketing providers like MailChimp, Getresponse, and Convertkit.

Here is the proof of this tool.

email signups
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email signups

Here is what pro bloggers have to say about this tool

optinchat testimonals
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optinchat testimonals

Installing Optinchat in WordPress Blog

1.Go to your WordPress Admin panel

2.Go to Plugins>> Add New

3.Download Optinchat Plugin Zip file

4.After downloading go back to plugins section and upload plugin

5.Upload the downloaded zip file and install

6.Activate the plugin

7.Now hover on settings>> Optinchat

8.Paste the code you got in Optinchat Question builder into the box

9.Click Save

10.Done and enjoy having Optinchat on your WordPress site

Here is the video on how to install Optinchat in WordPress

Optinchat Plans

Optinchat basically offers 4 paid plans for their users below are their details for the same.

Free Plan

  • 1 site
  • Google sheet integration
  • Webhooks integration
  • Free email tool integration
  • Daily email reports

Silver Plan

  • 5 sites
  • Everything in free plus
  • All email marketing
  • Integrations
  • Phone format validation
  • Exit chat
  • Send welcome email

Gold Plan

  • 10 sites
  • Everything in silver plus
  • All email marketing
  • Integrations
  • Phone format validation
  • Exit chat
  • Send welcome email

Platinum Plan

  • Unlimited Sites
  • Everything in gold plus
  • A/B Testing
  • Remove OptinChat Branding
  • Remove Welcome Email Branding
  • Campaign Management Consulting
  • Phone Support

Optinchat Plugin Advantages

It’s free

You can start using Optinchat for free although it has pro version too.

Free version is enough capable to meet your requirements

Easy Integrations

It provides seamless integrations with email marketing software like MailChimp, Getresponse etc.


The plugin/tool is extremely lightweight to download and install

Mobile Friendly

The plugin is mobile friendly as it adapts to shape in whatever device you open the site.

Zapier integration

You can now link your Optinchat with your Zapier account so that you can do tasks easily.

Custom Messages

You can write your own custom messages to give a personal look at your AI chat.

Disadvantages of Optinchat Plugin

Less Marketing

Though it’s a free plugin not many people know about it.

I hope many people will come to know fast and they will start using it in their blog for their blog success

Conclusion on Optinchat Review 2020

I myself use the plugin on this blog I am really liking it and getting a good amount of signups daily.

I request you too to install this plugin and start getting emails from your visitors.

I hope you liked my post on “Optinchat review” if you did please comment below

Also if you have any queries or doubts you can comment below I will be happy to help you.

Also make sure to follow my blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

Happy Blogging 🙂


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