Semrush Review 2023: Is it Really Best SEO Tool?

SEMRush Review
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This SEMrush review will show you how you can dominate your niche in search rankings and crush your competition strategically.

Looking for Semrush review?

Every online business is constantly evolving due to the subtle market changes on a daily basis.

How do you think major online businesses thrive even in such changes and reflect huge quarterly profits?

One of the key factors is SEO management.

An SEO tool should search keyword, track keywords with its ranking, backlink checks, constant monitoring of competitor ranking and last but, the most important is a complete audit of your website or blog.

If you see SEO tools with these qualities highlighted, I’d say go for it right away.

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Today, we will review an SEO tool which is making a lot of noise in the market due to its diversified options and features offered.

That is Semrush.

This tool is Semrush has been used and trusted by many professional bloggers and even marketing agencies.

After hearing about Semrush, you might be wondering what is it?

So, the next topic is about its description, how it works and Semrush Review.

Semrush Review 2023: Why it is the Best SEO tool?

Lets find out now.

What is Semrush?

You hear about all-rounders in every game, let it be offense or defense.

In this part of internet tools, Semrush belongs to the all-rounder category.

With more than 120+ million keywords, it has around 73 million domains stored in their database.

The number does speak for itself. Talking about the user count, there are over 700,000 active users with 28 databases which provides the previous keyword count and domain storage information.

What does it exactly do or how does it work?

To answer this question, I’ll provide a few points which will make things simpler.

  • Find great keywords
  • Analyze any competitor’s backlinks
  • Website traffic comparison
  • Resolve website issues if any

These are the most basic yet effective things done by this excellent tool.

There are more which we will discuss under its features.

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Why use Semrush?

Your website is doing just fine and you don’t want to mess things now, so it is quite normal for you to get such questions in your mind.

Why use it and why Semrush?

There are a lot of reasons to answer this question.

The features will make things interesting for you:

1. Keyword search

Keyword specified to a particular ranked page will be searched

2. Position

You may think the position of the keyword doesn’t matter but, it does very much matter. Every search engine has their own database and location of the user also depends which can be changed later. This information will certainly provide a boost to traffic

3. Volume

Exact number of query matches for a particular keyword locally and internationally

4. CPC

Cost per click average for the keyword is also provided

5. URL

The web link also plays an important role in many types and enter the web link directly instead of searching via search engines. This tool determines the keyword/s that is driving traffic

6. Competition

This feature provides a report on the advertisers competing for any particular keyword. The number is directly proportional to the size of the competition

Here is a video on how to steal competitor’s keywords.

7. Results

This would be the results for different search engines, the lower the number – the better

8. Trend

It is another feature of the report which is generated. This provides the reports which can be used to strategize against the growing or diminishing trendy keywords. What you see is here the trend patterns for the past 12 months

I didn’t talk about ranking since it is a much deeper topic that needs more attention.

I’ll get to it soon along with a couple of other important ones.

Finding magic keywords

Along with Semrush Review , we will also discuss about how you can find the magic keywords and how important this factor is.

You are well aware that more than 40,000 searches happen in Google within a single second.

Imagine one search engine being used to this extent, other search engines would have similar numbers.

We need to think like a consumer when it comes to finding successful keywords in any domain.

Keyword finder should be your top priority to increase the traffic to your blog or website.

This is where Ranking does its job effectively. The features that we discussed earlier are all present in the Ranking report.

Irrespective of the industry you belong to, Semrush has keyword ranking report ready as long as you know your competitors and their site.

You will be provided with various ideas and guideline throughout the tool to improvise your keyword search or refine it to the satisfactory level.

While choosing the keyword, you need to be careful, Semrush does provide relevant alternatives along with your input for your assistance.

The ‘Full View Report’ provides much detail and a wider range of suggestions to your input keyword; ensure that you try it out.

Competitive Analysis

Every business online or offline has lots of competition.

We need to play smart to analyze the current market and mainly our major contenders.

Once we get a hold of their links and backlinks, we can analyze them to find the reasons, keywords and more information about the incoming traffic.

The quality of links and backlinks are constantly monitored by search engines and they prioritize only the top-quality links to display at the very beginning of the search.

This is how your site or blog is also ranked by search engines too.

Backlink analysis helps you strategize to build your own self-sufficient backlinks.

You will also be aware of the natural method to display backlinks instead of making it look odd.

Backlink analysis requires the domain name of the competitor and the rest is taken care by Semrush.

Error Fix

Another excellent feature by Semrush is the error fix when you audit.

So, we will be talking about this part also in our Semrush Review.

The content you displayed is excellent but still, there is no oncoming traffic, which means you are lagging behind due to some SEO issues.

It could not be search engine optimized or broken links or backlinks.

Semrush will audit your blog or site to do a thorough find and fix of any such related issues with it.

The other errors would be supplicated error warning, no follow attribute warnings and more.

After fixing even the smallest of these errors, you should be able to see the difference.

With this one-stop shop for all your SEO needs, Semrush has one of the largest databases all over the globe with high traffic activity.

You should certainly check out other features of this tool before you make any decision.

These features overlap with the ones that I already discussed but it needs some more highlight.

This is like the last scoop of ice cream to make it the more delicious with the cone.

Position of Keywords

There are two options to proceed without of which one smart and one tedious option.

I’ll provide both the options to make you’re aware of the entirety of the tool.

First, ranking more keywords without knowing the ranking of existing keywords is a bit tedious job since you will be searching for effective keywords without even analyzing the current keywords ranking on your website.

Second, knowing the ranking of the current keyword of your content will help you diversify and find more efficient ones with ease.

Hence, this is the smarter choice.

This will also help figure out ways to increase traffic from search engines.

This is a daily process, you would need to work on any keywords whose ranking drop at the earliest.

This is helpful for a quick boost through affiliate marketing if that’s what you currently require.

Domain Comparison

Yet another important aspect that we will covering in our Semrush Review.

Know your enemy to know yourself can be applied here to know your competitor.

You have options to compare domains of your competitors with yours to see where you currently stand.

Check for any leading aspect of your competitors and flaws to rectify it as soon as possible.

Semrush provides a detailed comparison report about the same with all the parameters that we talked about earlier like – keyword, ranking position, CPC, volume and more.

With these parameters, you can compare the site to see what can be better and what is at its optimum capacity.

Your domain also is a major factor for traffic.

Not everyone would use a search engine, some directly type in the domain to access once they are familiar.

You need to know where you stand and where you will be, a projection for the near future.

This helps plan accordingly.

Website Traffic Numbers

The average traffic of any site can be checked with ease using any basic analysis tools.

However, what you need here is the exact number. An average number here is unacceptable.

Without compromising, Semrush provides accurate results of website traffic almost always.

This helps to find out how your competitor is doing with traffic and estimate the same traffic to be attracted to your end.

The numbers are easy to find but, the process which you adapt to seeing this number will determine the traffic for days to come.

Being prepared is better to handle incoming traffic and improvise daily.

Semrush Plans

Our Semrush Review also consists of all the plans that Semrush has to offer.

Currently, Semrush has 3 plans, and you are welcome to choose any one of them.

With a trial period of 30 days and option to cancel it at any time within the 30days, Semrush provides all the features we discussed and more.

Let’s discuss the 3 plans in detail to decide which suits your business well.

Depending on the features offered by each plan, you’ll be able to understand and make that smart choice.

Pro Plan

It is the first and the most basic plan among the three starting at $69.95 per month.

The feature you can access are:

  • 10000 results per report
  • 3000 reports per day
  • 5 projects
  • 500 keywords can be tracked
  • 100000 pages to crawl

Other common features will still be available with the number restriction for these features.

Guru Plan

The middle plan with the price of $149.95 per month, Guru plan has slightly more leniency number wise for those parameters.

  • 30000 results per report
  • 5000 reports per day
  • 50 projects
  • 1500 keywords can be tracked
  • 300000 pages to crawl

Same applies to other common features with these numbered restrictions.

Business Plan

The most expensive and the final plan offered by Semrush is the Business plan at $549.95 per month is worth the trouble for high-end businesses with the neck to neck competition.

The numbers here go higher with a few unlimited options too.

  • 50000 results per report
  • 10000 reports per day
  • Unlimited projects
  • 6000 keywords can be tracked
  • 1200000 pages to crawl.

The numbers offered does justice to the pricing as well.

A complete package in one tool with excellent features and a huge database, Semrush can deliver the best results and reports you need – This is the bottom line of our Semrush Review.

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Conclusion on Semrush SEO Tool Review in 2023

The overall review of Semrush is excellent.

With respect to features, options, and even the plans, they are providing top support along with the untimely cancellation of the product too.

A trial period will determine its worth and usefulness to your business.

Irrespective of any niche and type of competition, Semrush assists you to dominate them.

That’s all we have to say about our detailed Semrush Review.

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