Semrush vs SimilarWeb (2023): Which Tool is Better for SEO?

In this post you will find which tool wins the battle between Semrush vs SimilarWeb.

Read this post till the end so that you will get an exact idea.

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Let us understand the main difference between these two tools.

Semrush vs SimilarWeb: Main Difference

SimilarWeb vs Semrush has got quite a lot different and both are competitors for the reason it is all geared up with the best of the features.

Semrush brings a comprehensive traffic analytics suite that enhances SEO, online visibility, social media, and PPC.

On contrary, SimilarWeb is focused on the statistics of the website.

This is just the basic difference that you may notice but there are far more things beyond it. Let us have a look:

Semrush vs SimilarWeb: An Overview


SimilarWeb is also known to be the web measurement and the tool for competitive intelligence.

Using this analytics tool, you can keep a close eye on the whole business’s health, better decision-making process, and monitoring the opportunities that can be developed.

The best part about this is, it extends the assessment on many other sites.

The process of consequent spying collects the critical intelligence to benchmark the performance of the site and even learn more on the business techniques and upcoming opportunities.


Semrush on the other hand is one holistic suite that helps to manage the overall digital marketing.

This offers the traffic analysis of different marketing channels.

It thus informs the subsequent processes to make the decision.

Using the auditing tool which it offers, the markets can identify the weakness of the possible SEO.

It also helps to rectify those helps reposition a site in the rankings of the search engine.

Semrush will bring you a better value level as compared to the rival competitor’s site.

It offers critical insight into the digital marketing campaigns and the subject that interests the customers you have targeted.

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Semrush vs SimilarWeb: Features Comparison

The basic idea to use such a tool is to get the accurate data in much possible manner which can help to bring business to another level.

When it comes to SimilarWeb vs Semrush, they have had some of the best features that can help the person jump to the right conclusion.

This includes:

1. Geographical Coverage

If you focus on expanding the business across the world then the most helpful way to choose is to gather the data from different countries.

This means, for geographical data coverage it is the Semrush that you can rely on as it offers coverage from 190 countries.

If you consider SimilarWeb well, it covers 90 countries.

Besides, at SimilarWeb, it is possible to get the details across the 90 countries only after you pay for a different package than the basic one.

This shall cost you quite a lot. But in the case of Semrush, you get all the countries covered irrespective of the plan that you select.

2. Mobile Data

This is another important piece of information that can be quite helpful when you focus on a comparison of SimilarWeb vs Semrush.

Mobile data is a crucial detail that can help those people who wish to take their online business to another height.

As per the statistics, it has been noticed that more than 66% of the traffic that site gets comes from the mobile devices themselves.

In case you choose Semrush, it does not matter which plan you choose, users can get access to the mobile data.

But when it comes to using mobile data at SimilarWeb, the user will have to buy the mobile database that comes at the additional pricing.

3. Historical data

In terms of Historical data to Semrush is quite an amazing option to choose.

Since historical data is important for improving the business, it can enhance the overall future strategies too.

With Semrush, there is an edge the user gets as it offers the historical data insight that dates to 2016.

In the case of SimilarWeb, the historical data gets back to 37 months.

Besides, it offers the basic package with access to 12 months of data only.

Semrush vs SimilarWeb: Audience Insights and Detailed Traffic Information

Along with the coverage of the data, the sole aim to use the competitive research tool is to generate detailed insights into the competitor’s audience and traffic.

This would help in revamping the marking strategies to create better ROI.

In terms of traffic insights, both tools offer quite good results.

1. Traffic Insights

Semrush usually categorized the whole traffic in different channels which include search, direct, referral, social, and paid.

In the case of SimilarWeb, there is the channel-by-channel traffic breakdown which includes two additional channels those are display ads and mail

However, the available data is meant only for desktop devices.

To access the mobile data in SimilarWeb, it is important to purchase the mobile data coverage separately.

But in the case of Semrush, traffic analytics is already a part of the mobile data, and that too by default.

The traffic analytics of Semrush facilities’ a detailed view of the top pages of the competitor.

This includes the trail, cart, landing pages, and even the checkout success page along with user behavior.

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2. Audience Insights

Both the tools in terms of audience insights offer the details to the users depending on the sites that are visited earlier and later the competitor’s site, the countries from where the traffic is gathered, gender, age, and even in the interest.

To avail of this, again SimilarWeb will make you pay additional but Semrush offers it is all under single pricing.

Besides, the traffic analytics tool of Semrush lets you check the overall audience against 5 competitors.

This would further help in analyzing the audience potential at the same time evaluates the marketing partners that is why in comparison of Semrush vs SimilarWeb

Semrush stands the best.

3. Market Analysis Capabilities

Other than audience and traffic insights, market analysis is an important aspect when performing the comparison of SimilarWeb vs Semrush.

This includes trend analysis, benchmarking, and market research.

Both the tools are popular for their online market analysis ability.

It allows you to:

  • Benchmark against the entire industry to look for the area of improvement
  • Look for the digital market shares of the company to find who leads the competitors
  • Explore the seasonal ups and downs of the industry for preparing for the future challenges
  • Know the in-market interest and demographics for optimizing the strategy

However, the market explorer of the Semrush gives quite beyond and it offers the sights the way you wish for depending on the key industry players or even the organic market players.

Also, the tool of market explorer of the Semrush as a cool widget shows the often-visited social media platforms by the market audience.

It further helps you know which platform of social media drives the huge shares of the user in the market.

5 Important Reasons Why I Recommend Semrush Over SimilarWeb

If you are still unsure about which could the possible tool to be worth relying on then here are few reasons that can make it easy for you to make the choice of Semrush when it comes to Semrush over SimilarWeb.

Top 5 reasons to choose Semrush over SimilarWeb

1. The Ultimate suite of SEO tools

The very first reason that shall convince you is that Semrush is one of the all-in-one tools for the whole team.

Whether it is content marketing, SEO or PPC, and competitor research, it is the Semrush that will cover it all.

Content marketing is one incredible toolkit that allows you to create amazing quality content without any hassle.

Besides, social media management tool helps in streamlining social media marketing with monitoring, publishing, or ads management solution.

Moving further to the advertising toolkit helps in planning and analyzing the whole campaign of google easily.

On contrary to this, SimilarWeb has got some of the best marketing abilities.

Rather it is quite an analytics tool that gives clarity about the digital traffic.

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2. Wide Range of SEO Features

Without considering the aspect of SEO when performing the comparison of Semrush vs SimilarWeb, Semrush offers quite advanced features such as SERP position tracking, Semantic keyword group on, and even the backlink profile analysis.

There are many more such options that make sure you are ahead in the competition.

Every single keyword is well analyzed in Semrush while in SimilarWeb, you simply get the basic features of SEO.

In short, it neither offers comprehensive keyword research nor can be an efficient tracking solution for better ranking.

Besides, backlink analysis is also not included.

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3. Larger Database and Accuracy of Data

Semrush allows you to access quite a huge database of more than 20 billion keywords and even 40T backlinks of more than 130 countries.

In the case of SimilarWeb, the keyword database size is not clear while there is no data of backlink available too.

This means, in terms of data quality if you compare both tools, undoubtedly Semrush wins the side.

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4. Pricing is Transparent

This is another crucial part that convinces why Semrush is a better option. Well, you get 3 standard plans when using Semrush.

The pricing is also decided as per the feature set. You can even customize the solution as per your requirements.

There is no hidden cost as well.

But SimilarWeb on the other hand offers pricing which you may not call as transparent.

It does not matter whether you opt for a basic monthly package or an annual package, SimilarWeb doesn’t need to give you all the features.

At some point for the most crucial feature, you will have to invest later.

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5. Reliable nature of Semrush

Lastly, the tool’s reliability is important too. Semrush is the whole suite that comes with some superior intelligence which is quite competitive.

Besides, it also has got some advanced features to not ignore.

This is the primary reason why it has got more than 7M marketing professionals.

It has even been trusted by some known brands like Apple, Telsa, and Walmart.

Semrush Vs SimilarWeb: Pricing

In terms of Semrush Vs SimilarWeb pricing, you can choose amongst the four translucent options with Semrush.

You can even pay on monthly basis for the web-defined set of benefits organized in the toolkit depending on the requirement

Besides, there are no hidden charges.

You can get the scope for cancellation anytime you want.

Semrush Pricing

Semrush doesn’t offer a free plan however, there is a free trial that is being offered for tasting the feature.

It is reliable and quite structured too.

The structure is:

Pro Plan-$119.95 per month (This includes):

  • Per report results: 10,000
  • Per day reports: 3,000
  • Keyword metrics updates per month: 250

Guru Plan-$229.95 per month (This includes):

  • Per report results: 30,000
  • Per day reports: 5,000
  • Keyword metrics updates per month: 1000

Business Plan $449.95/month (This includes):  

  • Results per report: 50,000
  • Reports per day: 10,000
  • Keyword metrics updates per month: 5,000

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Semrush .Trends Pricing

You get the whole access to Semrush. The traffic and marketing explorer data cost around $200 on monthly basis.

You can even get it using a Semrush paid subscription.

The price for the business, pro, and Guru plan are:

Guru: $429.95/month

Pro: $319.95/month

Business: $649.95/month

If you buy Semrush, the trends market explorer along with traffic analytics you get a better comparison of the performance of different analyzed websites depending on the user engagement, organic traffic, and even presale research to name some.

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FAQs on Semrush vs SimilarWeb

What is Semrush?

It is one leading yet the most powerful tool of SEO that offers ample resources and features such as content marketing too, keyword research, advertising, and social media to name some, and thus create the solid strategy to beat the competitor

What are Semrush Trends?

It has been presently launched consisting of the market explorer tool and in-depth analytics of the traffic which further helps in analyzing the competitors deeply.

How much does Semrush cost?

The pro plan of Semrush is you $119.95 monthly, while Guru $429.95 monthly, and Business $649.95 monthly. Additional $200 monthly needs to be paid if you want to use Semrush. Trends

What is SimilarWeb?

This is a popular platform that offers a clear view of the digital traffic which is required for winning online.

How much does SimilarWeb cost?

In terms of pricing well, both vary but SimilarWeb varies to a great extent as per the requirement.

Semrush vs SimilarWeb: Which is Better?

Whether it is the keyword magic tool, additional site audit tool, or PPC keyword tool, there is no doubt that it is better over SimilarWeb when it comes to Semrush VS SimilarWeb.

Besides, it gives better in-depth site inspection using its auditing service while highlighting the important SEO issues and the potentials solutions too.

SimilarWeb is prominent for in-depth homepage and Session research but Semrush in that case compensates by providing social media promotion and ad spending.

Conclusion: Semrush vs SimilarWeb

While choosing between Semrush VS SimilarWeb, it is important that you first have clarity of the company objectives.

You must understand which tool can work better and meet the requirements of SEO too.

With Semrush.Trends you can have quite sensible options available with fewer efforts and money to be invested. besides, it is one known data-driven choice to make.

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