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WP Astra Theme is one of the popular WP themes can be used for your blogs or websites.

Looking for WP Astra Theme Review?

You are on the right place.

Astra is a lovely WordPress theme that could be used for portfolios, blogs, enterprises, online stores, and other purposes.

The free edition is used on over 1,000,000 websites, and it provides excellent support for page builder WordPress plugins, allowing you to personalize your whole website using the WordPress theme editing tools.

Astra allows you transform your website with the touch of a button by allowing you to install dozens of high-quality website designs.

You can expand the capabilities by purchasing the theme’s pro edition, but there are also a lot of free extensions available.

It is compact and lightweight (keeping resources under 50kb) and extremely fast.

Astra is SEO-friendly since it includes Schema.org code and is native AMP-enabled, so search engines will adore your site.

It has distinctive features and layouts that make it compatible with all page builders, including Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, and others.

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The Team behind Astra

Astra was designed by Brainstorm Force, a WordPress development company with over 100 employees which had been in operation for over ten years.

It’s not surprising that Astra works so well with page builders; Brainstorm Force published the Elite Addons for Beaver Builder and Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor plugin extensions, so they have a thorough grasp of how major WordPress page developers function.

They are also the developers of the Transform Pro email opt-in and lead-generating plugin, the Schema mark-up plugin Schema Pro, and the WP Portfolio plugin.

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What Is Astra Pro?

Astra Pro is a commercial add-on for the Astra theme while Astra is a freemium WordPress theme from the WordPress repository. 

The pro edition has extra features and configuration possibilities. Astra Sites is a plugin that works in conjunction with Astra Pro.

Astra Sites provides a variety of ready-to-use websites that include functional pages and images.

Astra is a lightweight, efficient WordPress theme with various customization options in the free version.

The Astra Pro add-on is applied individually and adds features like translucent headers, unique layouts, and much more to the theme settings.

It has more complex capabilities that allow you to construct and modify your website in a distinctive manner without changing or adding a single line of code.

Although it has numerous complex capabilities, each one is presented as a discrete component.

You may pick which capabilities to deploy while leaving others disabled, making it less confusing and saving loading time.

Using fewer parameters improves the performance of your theme.

You may also use free plugins to enhance the Astra theme.

Implant custom font assets in your Astra theme, embed Typekit fonts, build additional sidebars and dynamically exhibit them on specified pages of your website.

Modify Astra Meta settings on several pages/posts at once, restore your Astra theme custom page parameters from the customizer panel, “hook” your custom content, plug-ins, or JavaScript code in the different hook spots, and so on.

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Astra Theme Features

Fonts and layout are two issues that consumers demand complete control over.

There is no scarcity of characters to select from, with 700+ Google fonts fully assimilated and a free Custom Fonts plugin.

To allow adequate flexibility, it is simple to manage typography size by device, with lots of extra alterations choices such as Text Transform for headers, the font size in PX or EM, and other typography settings.

Site configurations may be configured using an Astra Pro feature that allows the end user to select among boxed, full width, max width, padded, and fluid layouts.

Margin and padding around items can also be used to change the spacing to meet the demands of the user.

If your website will also focus on blogs or content marketing, the setups of the visual style of your articles will be significant.

Astra Pro has a grid, modular, list blog layouts, date box, excerpt, limitless scrolling, and post pagination.

Your consumers may preview your items without opening a new page, minimizing cookies and low reliability while still receiving an excellent view of your product details, using Quick View.

The Widget Optimized tool works hand in hand with the navigation menu to help you enhance your website by adding variants to the filtering in your navigation menu using a simple “drag and drop” feature.

Viewers may load goods as they scroll down and see your exhibit interactively by using Infinite Scroll.

Make your display seem more structured by selecting a specific format and adjusting the number of columns, rows, and buttons.

There are several headers and footer personalization choices available, which can be expanded if you purchase the Pro add-on.

Given that every site you design must adhere to your color scheme, the Astra theme is completely versatile and configurable when it relates to color settings.

Headers, content, pages, archives, blogs, sections, and footers are all entirely customizable, albeit some details and delicate modifications need the Pro version.

In respect of other design possibilities, the Astra theme offers a lot of versatility.

The brand’s logo can be left-aligned, centered, or right-aligned, and there are other footer design options.

Astra Pro also makes it easy to customize the mobile device-specific headers, layouts, and custom code above and/or underneath the content, among other things.

ยท For quite some time, page builders have become the newest trend. Astra connects with and works in accordance with any WordPress page builder.

Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, Thrive, Architect, Gutenberg, and Brizy are all Astra theme adaptable.

Astra has pre-made layouts for Elementor and Beaver Builder, with more templates for Brizy page builder on the way.

Astra theme developers have also created Absolute add-ons for Elementor, which is a superb array of Elementor features, and Ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder, which is a compilation of extra Beaver Builder widgets.

Every firm and website designer desires pre-made website templates.

Astra has a plethora of pre-built website layouts for nearly every occasion and corporation.

Templates save you a bunch of time because you don’t have to build a site from the start. Simply import a sample website and populate it with your information.

All of the sites you create using Astra will be Gutenberg compatible.

Astra integrates well with LearnDash and LifterLMS. LifterLMS and LearnDash combination will provide you with multiple design tools and settings that are more focused on giving a better learning opportunity.

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Easy WordPress Customizer

The native WordPress Customizer may be used to alter the Astra theme on a real-time basis.

You can always preview how it will appear before you release it as you make adjustments.

It may appear to be a common pattern because most themes include it, but Astra distinguishes out with its extensive personalization possibilities.

Fonts can be changed for different site areas, sidebars can be customized, breadcrumbs can be enabled, and single entries may be edited, and so on.

Because the theme was designed with this functionality in mind, using a page builder to customize it is straightforward.

You can edit everything using page builders, or you can utilize Astra customizer settings in combination with your favorite page builder.

Even if you don’t want to utilize the page builder, you may customize practically every component of the theme in the pro version, such as colors, font, layout, and many other settings.

Amazing Starter Templates

The Astra Starter template WordPress plugin is mentioned on the right-hand side of the main Astra Settings tab.

This plugin is available for free download.

When you enable it, a new page named ‘Astra Templates’ will emerge in the design menu. You’ll be prompted which page builder you prefer: Elementor, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, or Brizy.

If you choose a layout that utilizes Gutenberg, the Gutenberg page builder functions correctly and accurately.

This is due to the fact that each layout is made utilizing page builder parts from a specific page builder plugin.

When you pick a website builder, the beginning website layouts will be presented, along with the number of designs accessible for it.

It mentions that 70 layouts are compatible with Elementor and Beaver Builder, 10 with Gutenberg, and 20 with Brizy.

These layouts may also be categorized by exploration of ideas: All, Blog, Business, e-commerce, Free, and Other.

The label is premium,’ which relates to the Astra Pro combo products.

The quality of all layouts, free and premium, is really great. Brainstorm Force has done an outstanding job with the entire system.

When you choose a pattern, you’re offered a complete preview, and you can get a sense of what the layout can achieve by exploring other sites.

Incredible Speed Improvements

Regardless of how often customization possibilities you employ, all code will be provided using optimized CSS files.

The Astra theme includes capabilities to acquire Google Fonts and save them natively on your server.

It is also possible to install local fonts.

Font preloading allows you to compel a visitor’s browser to load relevant fonts sooner rather than later.

Global Color Palette

The Global Color Palette function makes it easy to create one or more color palettes.

With this method, you can manage colors throughout your whole website from a single location.

You may also alter the colors of your complete website by easily switching to a different color palette.

Since version 3.7.0, the Astra theme has included the Global Color Palette capability.

Palette Configuration

There are three palettes to choose from, each with nine colors altogether.

These hues go across the palettes.

This implies that when you transition across palettes, colors will be swapped with their corresponding colors in the palettes that are now active.

For instance, suppose “Color 1” is specified as blue in Palette 1 and green in Palette 2. When you go from Palette 1 to Palette 2, all parameters associated with “Color 1” will alter from blue to green.

Steps to edit palette:

You may change the colors by tapping on the color slots. This will bring up a color picker.

Gutenberg Colour Palette json, thus the palette colors may also be modified in this approach.

Typography Presets

A website cannot be designed without typography.

The fonts you utilize have a direct influence on your material and the entire site.

Astra has expanded its typographic options for personalization.

You’ll find a variety of options under Global > Typography > Presets.

With a single click of a button, you can now alter the font family, size, and heaviness of your text.

Header Footer Builder

You may access Header Footer Builder directly from the customizer. It’s a drag-and-drop visual developer with all the features of page builders, but with a focus on header and footer personalization.

You may create a separate menu for mobile site layout and select a toggle option from the dropdown, fly out, or full-screen.

You may also modify the height, background, colors, and other design elements. This ability makes it possible to create adaptable headers.

The Header Footer Builder has a variety of features, such as the ability to add buttons, menus, social symbols, widgets, and so on.

When you click on the required section, a list of possible modules will show.

In headers, both the WooCommerce cart component and the Easy Digital Download (EDD) cart component can be utilized.

You may add a number of components to the Header Footer Builder by picking them straight from the possible choices.

This indicates you may use different header and footer components to personalize your website.

Related Posts

To display posts regarding your posts and pages, utilize the Astra customizer to configure stuff. Related posts are included in the theme and work well with Astra’s format and style.

You have complete control over the design, the number of posts displayed, and the number of columns.

The feature is completely functioning and does not influence page speed because it is optimized to load only when related articles are displayed.

Enhanced Custom Layouts

Custom designs for websites go beyond mere aesthetics.

Customers are more inclined to acquire from you if your website has an elegant appearance that draws them in.

Owing to complex display rules, you may create a custom footer, header, 404 page, or style with any customization options.

You may define a start and end time for the custom layout to appear and regulate the accessibility of layouts on different devices.

Gutenberg Integration

Astra delivers a fantastic experience while building documents using the Gutenberg editor.

The container pattern selected in the customizer for Astra will be implemented to the Gutenberg editor as well.

Gutenberg’s editor provides full width and broad choices for blocks such as posts, picture galleries, cover images, and so on.

When using Astra, you can select from a variety of container patterns based on the required width.

WooCommerce Integration

Astra works well with WooCommerce. All WooCommerce components respond to the context of your Astra website and acquire font and color preferences from the theme customizer.

The Astra Pro addon includes the WooCommerce component. Some WooCommerce-related capabilities include:

  • Width of shop archive items
  • Columns in stores
  • Items on each page
  • Product structure in a store
  • Breadcrumbs can be enabled or disabled.
  • Showcase cross-sell items.
  • Cropping possibilities for thumbnails
  • Show the cart symbol in the menu.
  • On WooCommerce pages, you may control the container layout separately.
  • Sidebars on WooCommerce pages can be fully controlled.

The Off-Canvas Sidebar is ideal for shopping. You may put parameters here so that your person can simply locate what they’re looking for and have a better overall experience.

This sidebar disappears once you’ve finished selecting it, allowing the consumer to view more while shopping.

Dedicated Sidebars are for users who want to see what filters they can and have implemented all the time.

This can increase user interaction and enhance individual pages.

Visitors may see higher magnification product photos and navigate around to modify their perspective both vertically and horizontally while browsing at the alternatives to the side with Gallery Options.

Dropdown Cart allows consumers to quickly examine what is in their basket and the summary of their purchases without checking out or deleting them from their cart.

Sales Bubble Style is just used for fashion and enjoyment. Users enjoy utilizing contemporary bubbles, which allow you to modify your items in a pleasant way that increases sales.

Product Catalogue, like a sidebar, allows you to refine, but it also includes classifications that exclude particular things, so users don’t have to go through a lengthy range of products while seeking anything specific.

Astra theme has grid patterns for items, infinite browsing, an off-canvas sidebar that can be initiated with a touch of a button, a fast view feature for product photos, numerous gallery choices, a drop-down shopping cart, and other user interfaces.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

You could now establish a magnificent and eye-catching shop with the aid of Astra and Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).

Employing Astra’s theme customization power and hundreds of templates, it’s now simpler than ever to build a digital product business with the fantastic EDD plugin.


  • Combine Astra with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Personalize EDD product pages
  • Enhanced product page layouts
  • Several flexible production options are available.

Hooks & Filters

Astra Hooks is a simple plugin that allows you to put custom code, add-ons, and analytics scripts into multiple regions of your website.

After installing Astra Hooks, you’ll have access to a new section in the WordPress theme options panel where you may input code anytime you need to.

Astra Schema Markup

Astra is schema-ready right out of the package. By incorporating schema on the page, you may help search engines effectively understand the content.

The Astra theme applies schema mark-up to all of your website pages seamlessly, saving you the effort of doing it explicitly.


The documentation for the Astra theme is extensive. Each function is well described in videos and articles.

The description for the theme has over 200 articles that outline and discuss aspects.

It is simple to navigate their publications. A root directory with a query form, sidebar, and an appealing classification menu grid will appear.

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What’s The Difference Between Astra Free And Astra Pro?

The Astra theme is available in two variations.

The free version is available via the WordPress.org directory and has relatively limited settings.

The Astra Pro addition provides many more features and modules, allowing you to completely personalize your website.

Astra Pro Pricing

Astra Pro charges $59 each year, but you can get a lifespan bundle for $249.

Astra also offers two more price tiers termed the Essential Bundle and the Growth Bundle.

The Essential Bundle contains all of the elements of the Astra Pro plan, as well as 180+ primed starting sites, a WP Portfolio Plugin (see WP Portfolio review), and a one-page Builder Add-on of your choosing.

The Growth Bundle contains everything from the previous plans plus (including WP Portfolio plugin, Ultimate Add-ons for both Beaver Builder and Elementor), as well as a Convert Pro, Schema Pro, and any subsequent plugins created.

This costs $249 per year or $699 for life.

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Astra Pro vs Astra Agency

Astra Pro is a unique plugin that must be installed. It gives you access to customized layouts, translucent headers, and other theme choices.

It includes a plethora of additional tools for customizing web pages.

The best thing is that you don’t have to modify a single line of code.

Each sophisticated option is available as a separate module.

The Basic Bundle of Astra Agency contains all of the functionality of the Astra Pro plan, accessibility to over 180+ different prebuilt starting websites, the WP Portfolio plugin, and either Ultimate add-ons for Elementor (see best Elementor addons) or Ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder (see best Beaver Builder add-ons) (check best Beaver Builder add-ons).

The Minimal Bundle is available for $169 each year. There is also a lifetime option for $499.

Astra vs. OceanWP

Astra’s offers for pre-made website layouts are more contemporary and great to implement, and it has a larger inventory of patterns in aggregate.

In respect of editing, OceanWP, on the other hand, provides a few additional possibilities for fine-tuning.

OceanWP’s professional plans are less expensive, while Astra provides over three times the number of free theme samples.

Astra vs. Divi

In terms of usability, both systems provide an excellent experience independent of the user’s web development expertise.

Unlike Astra, which will be more performance-oriented and streamlined, Divi is an all-in-one solution that enables users to create any part of the pre-made templates.

Additionally, Astra works well with third-party builders, whereas Divi comes with its own.

In the end, both will provide you with enough personalization possibilities to fulfil your needs.

Nevertheless, Divi only has one pricing tier with a yearly or permanent form of payment, whereas Astra’s three plans give greater options.

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Astra vs. Elementor

Although Astra is completely integrated with Elementor, the two may also be used alone. Both applications provide excellent website builders with many customizable features.

Astra integrates with major technologies like as WooCommerce, Beaver, and Elementor itself.

Elementor, on the other hand, connects with most Plugins and themes but isn’t always fully consistent with all of them.

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FAQ about Astra WordPress Theme

Is the Astra Pro theme worth it?

Starting with Astra is free, and the theme includes high-quality free templates. Nevertheless, if you want more sophisticated features or exposure to other templates, you will need to upgrade to a premium account.

Is the Astra template search engine friendly?

All Astra designs include sophisticated SEO elements, ensuring that your website complies with Google’s SEO criteria.

Is the Astra WordPress theme free?

Yes, there are various themes available free of cost.

Which Astra pro Package is best for you?

The minimal version of Astra is best because for the beginner it is suitable to handle and adapt with this package.

Astra Theme Review Final Words

Astra is unquestionably one of the greatest free WordPress themes available. The theme allows you to simply import hundreds of leading website designs, and it comes with a good variety of free plugins that increase performance.

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