25 Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid in 2023 & How to Fix Them

You started a blog with full enthusiasm. You saw many bloggers getting successful with money and fame.

You think I also want to become the same.

Sure you can.

If you keenly observe such pro rather successful bloggers they have inculcated lot of good qualities in them which reflects to them via blog.

As human we make lot of mistakes so after researching a lot and from my experience I am writing this post about common blogging mistakes newbie or beginner bloggers do when starting out.

So what are you waiting for ?

Read on below

Top 25 Common Blogging Mistakes Bloggers to Avoid in 2023

1. Blogging about for which you are not passionate about

Yes write about things which you are passionate about. Just don’t write for money and getting famous. If you cant explain things to your readers very properly it shows you have less knowledge about the topic.

If you are not passionate about your niche your blog will die slowly and will be lost among many of the blogs in blogosphere.

I listed this as number 1 as this is one of the common blogging mistakes beginners make a lot

2. Spending too much of time thinking about domain name and hosting

You decided to start a blog. As you know for a blog or website you need domain name and hosting. You spend lot of time researching about good and funky domain name along with hosting for your blog.

In the end you choose a domain name which is difficult to remember and hard to pronounce. This is one of the common blogging mistakes I have ever seen.

Also I have seen many people spending hell lot of time to choose a web hosting. I know choosing a web hosting is important task but you can reduce your time ask your blogger friends to recommend you blog hosting.

I personally recommend A2 Hosting to my blog readers as they are superb host. I have never felt any problems with them and support is blazing fast.


3. Starting out with a free blogging platform

OK I hear you! You don’t have money to start off with your blogging journey. You feel starting out free is the best solution.

My opinion is you can start from free web hosting solutions but if you are doing professional blogging consider spending few bucks for your blog.

Many of hobby bloggers have even started their own self hosted blog. Gone are the days when people used to start their blog on blogger.com

So my advice to you is stay on free blogging solution like WordPress till you feel comfortable. Once you think that I need to scale up, get yourself a good web host and start off your blog.

I have made a detailed post on creating a WordPress blog. If you don’t have a blog yet check that post now.

Creating a WordPress Blog in less than 10 Minutes.

4. Buying a bad web host

You purchased a web host for your own blog. You are now experiencing heavy downtimes. Subscribers are emailing you that your blog is down and blah blah!

You get frustrated and are looking out for solution. So my advice is look for decent web host for your own blog.

I recommend A2 Hosting for bloggers who are low on budget whereas Siteground and Bluehost for bloggers who want to buy yearly plans.

One of the most common blogging mistakes bloggers make.

5. Buying expensive proven softwares

Many internet gurus have started their own softwares claiming to provide you success.!!

I too got fooled and used such softwares. To my horror I got failure and all the promises which were given out were false.

So I request you do not buy such softwares which claim to be successful in less amount and provide 100% value and satisfaction

6. Lack of time management and blogging schedule

It is the most common blogging mistakes many bloggers do is lack of time management. They don’t respect time.

They don’t have a proper plan for their blog. They just think randomly which makes their blog to be load of useless webspace.

Plan your time according make your blogging schedule. For example I am writing this post on common blogging mistakes my next post will be on …

So make an excel sheet put your blog post title and date.

Try to achieve the goal do not procrastinate (delay things) which I used to do a lot 😛

Many successful people says .. RESPECT TIME AND TIME WILL RESPECT YOU

Yet another common blogging mistakes beginners make

7. Giving Up So Fast

You lack motivation and determination. You are in a hurry. You want to get successful very fast.

I think you remember the race of hare and tortoise. IN that tortoise wins the race by being steady and consistent.

Be goal oriented.

Failures are bound to come you may get clumsy at times but its your determination and dedication which will keep your blog going and making your path easy for success.

8. Writing only for search engines

Yes many newbie bloggers do. They feel if they write for Google and Bing they will rank high and get more traffic.

You are wrong my friend if you are thinking the same way

Search engines are just a way for transferring information or data from one person to another.

Those are human written algorithms which works on machines.

Your blog will be read my humans and not SEARCH ENGINES

So always write naturally and make direct connection with your readers

Another common blogging mistakes beginners make in their blogging career.

9. Focusing too much on Word count

Many newbie bloggers think if they write 1000 words count they will rank high and beat their competition.

The fact is you will rank high with the quality of your content and how you engage with your readers.

My advice just be clear on what you want to convey and be natural that’s it.

10. Use of high vocabulary English

You are not a Shakespeare to write or speak in non understandable English.

You are not a poet who writes poem which has deep meanings.

Use plain English which can be understood by small kid

One of the common blogging mistakes many bloggers do is they use high vocabulary  rather dictionary English.

Please avoid to use such type of language in your blog.

11. Not knowing your audience

You don’t know who you are talking to. If you don’t know you will not understand what to talk.

In this post I am talking to bloggers who are newbie and are making mistakes so I have a proper target and I have crafted this post as per the topic.

Your blog success depends on how good you target your audience and your content quality

12. You are not being yourself

You fake yourself a lot.You are not being yourself.You are trying to copy others

Success lies in being original.Many pro bloggers made their unique style of blogging.

So my advice is BE UNIQUE and JUST BE YOURSELF

13. You complex things a lot

For saying a simple message you put it via complex manner. Suppose you want to say how much beneficial blogging is for a  person?

You don’t convey your message in easy way rather making it complex and pissing off your reader


Many bloggers do this type of common blogging mistakes in their blog.

14. You feel you should publish posts daily

See frequency of posts depends on type of niche you are on.As per knowledge and research if you are in news niche you need to upload your content daily because news is something which is not the same all the time.

So in such cases you need to posts daily..(many times hourly) if you are having good source of news which needs to be shared with your readers.

On the other hand if you are in niche which requires tutorials and review you need to post on blog less frequently.

You need to do proper keyword research before hitting publish button else your post will be lost in ocean of Google.

My advice is publish post on the niche you have chosen

Please try to avoid this type of common blogging mistakes beginners do

15. Your topics are too broad

For example you are in blogging niche you write on how to make money online, SEO , WordPress and many more.

Lets take you are writing a post on how to make money online. You are writing it very broadly without getting deeper into it.

Having your topic broad will make your post to compete with high competition posts and you wont get the required traffic which you think you will get.

So my advice is niche down your own topics and make your posts go well.

Yet another common blogging mistakes beginners make

16. You think your work is done after hitting publish button

The actual work starts after hitting publish button

You must be thinking what I am saying?


Yup nowadays marketing yourself is very much important.If you are doing something maybe 1000 more people are doing the same thing already.

How your potential readers will come to know about your new blog post or blog.

You need to market yourself in front of others so that people can read you and take good information from it.

17. You want immediate traffic and focusing too much on analytics

You started blog properly you have setup your analytics for your own self hosted WordPress blog. You don’t see traffic on your blog.

You are in haste to get blog traffic. You end-up finding ways which are not legal (Black Hat methods)



Patience is required in getting success. Many new blogs take months to get decent traffic.


Be patient keep creating awesome content for your blog

18. Quantity instead of Quality

You write crap content with keywords stuff in it which provides zero value to your readers. Avoid doing it.

As a rule of universe.

Quality is more important than Quantity..!!

19. Not collaborating with other bloggers

You have your blogger friends with you. You should collaborate with them.

Success is about team work you cant get success by being alone. Ask your blogger friends who blogs in same niche as you.

Ask him to provide feedback or write a guest post on your blog which will end up providing more value to your readers.

So try to collaborate with fellow bloggers and see no one can stop your blog to be a big success.

One of the common blogging mistakes bloggers make a lot

20. Neglecting your blog’s SEO


You must be tired of reading this word all over the internet.

Yes it is indeed very important for you to know about SEO.

Our blogs will be listed on search engines like Google, Bing and many more.

Search engines follow algorithms as per which they rank content and index. So you should know SEO.

Learn more and more as you go ahead.

Neglecting your site SEO is inviting death to your blog.


21. Not capturing leads on your blog

Leads are so important for your blog.

You need to add form on your blog or website so that new visitors can Optin to your blog for getting new content.

You can even do affiliate marketing and earn money online from those visitors.

22. Not writing consistently

A successful blogger is someone who can write daily and consistently.

You can never be successful in blogging if you dont write daily or on consistent basis.

23. Thinking every post will go viral

Ok you published your blog.

You are thinking it will go viral.!

Let me tell you only 1% of blog posts on Internet goes viral.

Yes your blog post can go viral if the user intent is satisfied and people love sharing your content.

24. Not writing in clear and understandable style

Your blog posts should be clear and in understandable manner.

Nobody wants to read blog post which not written properly

25. Not writing long form content

Long form content is nothing but which covers a full topic in detail

You must give your user the information in such a detailed manner that he will not read any-other post further.

Final Words Most Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

So I hope you got to learn from the above points the common blogging mistakes beginners make.

If I have missed any point do let me know.If you have any queries comment below I will answer them for sure.

Make sure you share this post with people who matter to you

Last but not least…All The Best for your blog…!!

Happy Blogging!!

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